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Dirt Road Adventures – A Tropical Week

Have you been on vacation yet?

How would a tropical island vacation sound?

Amazing right?

Well, a tropical vacation isn’t in the budget for this year, but you can create a fun vacation feeling by hosting a Hawaiian Themed Cocktail Party.

All last week I shared DIY projects and tips for creating a mini-tropical vacation for your friends at your own home.

I got so wrapped up in all the decorations and recipes that I felt like I’d been sipping Pina Coladas. Oh wait, that did happen. LOL

Yes, I shared a yummy Pina Colada Martini recipe, and you know I’d never share a recipe that I didn’t sample first.

Let’s take a look back at all the tropical adventures that happened right here on The Dirt Road.

Bee's Balm Flowers in garden

Adventures at the End of the Dirt Road

This is a look back at all my adventures this past week.

Although the week has been filled with a fun tropical theme, it’s actually been raining all week, and the temperatures have dropped again.

We spent Father’s Day in the pool, but from that point on, it’s been pretty soggy.

Rudy and Millie are really bonding, and it was so fun to watch them playing together last weekend.

Millie and Rudy

However, it was sad when Millie went home. See them playing together.

After all the rain, the flowers are flourishing on the mimosa tree, and the magnolia blooms smell so good.

In Case You Missed It

Here are all the blog posts I shared last week. If you didn’t get to see them all, here’s a recap.

Pina Colada Martini Recipe

A perfect summer cocktail. There’s a trick to getting the blue on the bottom without turning the entire cocktail blue. See the recipe for details.

Dirt Road Adventures - Last Weeks Pina Colada Martini Recipe

Two Tropical DIY Projects

First, I made a Tropical Pom Pom Napkin Rings Dupe, which saved me so much money.

And then the Tropical Round Placemats with Raffia added to the tropical vibe.

Hawaiian Themed Tropical Party Tablescape

It’s over-the-top decorating when you plan a Tropical Cocktail party tablescape. See all the fun and budget-friendly options I shared.

Hawaiian Themed Cocktail Party Table Setting for Dirt Road Adventures - Tropical Week

15+ Appetizer and Cocktail Recipes for Adult Cocktail Parties

See all the delicious recipes that you can use all summer long.

Tropical Cocktail Recipes

Adventures off the Dirt Road

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Each week there are so many wonderful blog posts, and I’m sharing some of my favorites with you today.

There are so many creative ideas, and I’m always asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that”? LOL

Wait until you see the creative ideas for this French Linen Painted Buffet.

This might be the cutest garden Scarecrow I’ve ever seen, and you can see how to make one yourself.

I’d love to go thrifting in Vermont after seeing these great finds.

And the line “we’re going to need a bigger boat” comes to mind when you see the vintage shops on the Puget Sound. Who can tell me what movie that line is from?

I love a fresh rosemary wreath, and you can see how to make one.

What’s in my cart

It’s been a slow shopping week.

We finished up a huge project, that I’ve been purchasing items these items for.

The latches, the hinges, and the paint.

Can you guess what we’ve built?

I did add these pants to my cart, and I’m loving these PJs.

I really like this bamboo cutlery set.

Coming Soon…

  • A Cupboard DIY Project
  • Avocado Salsa Recipe
  • More Summer Decorating Ideas
  • Summer DIY Projects


Wednesday 5th of July 2023

So much fun to see all your tropical decor and projects, Rachel. They're perfect for this time of year. I love that Ruddy has a friend to hang out with and I know it must be special to see their bond. Well, off to enjoy your links, and thanks so much for including my buffet. I really appreciate it! Hugs, CoCo


Thursday 6th of July 2023

CoCo, I'm so glad you stopped by today. Have a wonderful week.


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

So May great ideas. Wow!


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks so much Renae


Sunday 25th of June 2023

Great ideas and adorable little fur babies! They are so cute!


Sunday 25th of June 2023

Susan, Thank you and yes they aren't related but look like they could be.