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Easy Dessert Recipes

Here are some “it’s so easy even I’ll make it” Dessert Recipes.

Do you like dessert for breakfast? Well, some of these recipes are great for breakfast.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Recipe

Blueberry Pecan Pancake Bread Pudding

Easy German Chocolate Upside Down Cake Dessert Recipe

A friend of my husband’s first introduced us to this wonderful dessert recipe. His sister made the cake and he always brought one to our home when a loved one had died. Years later another friend shared this recipe with us and “it’s so easy even I’ll make it”.

You won’t be disappointed!

Cranberry & Apple Bake

This sweet and tangy recipe is a holiday favorite.

Some classify it as a side dish so I’ve listed it under both categories.

It’s super easy to make and will be on your holiday list for years to come.

Mama’s Persimmon Pudding Recipe

This is definitely a Southern Dish and no one made it like my mama. I could eat the whole dish in one sitting. My daughter can make it just like my mama did, so she get’s the honor. If you’d like more detail about this Persimmon Pudding Recipe, read here.

Kahlua & Blue Bunny Delight

Use homemade Kahlua for best result.

Frozen Limoncello Tart Dessert Recipe

This dessert recipe is delicious and is made with Homemade Limoncello.

Dreamy Peaches and Cream Parfait Dessert Recipe

A no bake, icebox dessert recipe filled with yummy fresh peaches. What’s not to love?

This dish was served for our Supper Club – Backyard B B Q