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Create A Rustic-Chic Greenery and Pheasant Feather Centerpiece

Are you looking for a unique greenery centerpiece for Christmas? See how to easily make this DIY centerpiece using fresh greenery and pheasant feathers that will wow your guests. This Christmas centerpiece idea is perfect for dining, entry, and coffee tables. It’s a budget-friendly project, especially when using fresh-cut greenery and a repurposed container like mine.

This DIY centerpiece project combines natural textures and earthy tones to create a stunning statement piece that will elevate any table setting. If you are hosting a Christmas party, this centerpiece is sure to impress, but don’t limit yourself because this rustic-chic project is perfect for any season.

This tutorial is so simple that even a beginner can create amazing table decorations. So, let’s gather your supplies and begin your masterpiece.

DIY Centerpiece with Fresh Evergreens and feather for Christmas Centerpiece Idea

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How To Gather Fresh Greenery

You will first need to gather your greenery to make a fresh greenery centerpiece.

For this project, I used three different fresh evergreens. Here are the gathered green stems that were used for this tutorial.

  • Fresh Cedar
  • Magnolia Leaf Stems
  • Boxwood Stems

If cedar isn’t an option, use leyland pine, frasier fir, or long-needle pine.

You only need a small amount of each, just enough to work around the perimeter of the container you plan to use.

If you prefer, you can use fake evergreens to make your Christmas greenery centerpiece. Using artificial materials, you can keep your table centerpiece and use it repeatedly.

Add styrofoam to the bottom of a container to make a floral arrangement with real cedar stems.

Repurpose or Purchase a Flower Container

I used a repurposed large urn, which I’ve used for many projects. I like using fresh greenery; therefore, the urn will be empty again in a few weeks.

You can create this unique greenery centerpiece in a bucket, urn, or small planter. Look for a container with an opening 6 inches wide or more for best results.


In addition to the greenery and container, you will need a styrofoam block, pheasant feathers, feather ball ornaments, pinecones, pruning shears, and a hot glue gun.

You can substitute the feather ornaments with dried fruit, antlers, or artificial fruit if you prefer.

How To Make Greenery and Pheasant Feather Centerpiece.

Gather your supplies, heat the hot glue gun, and let’s begin.

The first step is to attach 1/2 of the styrofoam block to the container with hot glue. Cut the block in half and apply a generous amount of hot glue. Then, press the block into the bottom of the container.

Add styrofoam to the bottom of a container to make a floral arrangement.

Add Cedar Greenery

Begin with the cedar greenery and choose a long piece that will extend beyond the container rim once it’s secure in the styrofoam. Remove any of the lower stems with the pruning shears so it can easily slide into the block.

Cut fresh cedar stems and remove the lower stems before adding to arrangement.

Press the bare stem into the side of the styrofoam, allowing the stem to lay along the rim of the container.

I wanted one side to drape down longer than the other side. If you want that same style, fill in the longer pieces first.

Add the cedar stems to the side of the styrofoam in the large urn.

Continue to fill around the edge of the container, pushing the stems into the side of the styrofoam until it’s covered.

Completely circle the top of the urn with live cedar draping over the edges.

Use your hot glue gun and attach the other half of the styrofoam to the first piece. Hold until the glue is set.

Add second piece of styrofoam for the magnolia leaves.

Add Fresh Magnolia Leaf Stems

Add the magnolia leaf stems to the side of the new styrofoam piece for the second round.

Cut the leaves away from the stem’s lower part and ensure the remaining stem isn’t too long. The magnolia leaves should be closer to the center of the container.

Add magnolia leaf stems to the styrofoam to make the DIY Christmas Centerpiece Idea.

Once you’ve circled the container with the magnolia leaves, fill any open spaces around the sides with small pieces of cedar. If the stems are not long enough, you can use hot glue to attach them.

Add more cedar to fill in the Greenery Centerpiece Ideas.  Rustic Chic Table Centerpiece

Boxwood Stems

Now, you are ready to fill the top of the arrangement with boxwood stems.

Once again, cut the lower leaves from the stem and push it into the styrofoam straight up.

Fill in the top with approximately 6 – 7 pieces of boxwood, allowing them to fan outward slightly.

Use Boxwood stems to fill in the top of the Rustic-Chic Christmas greenery centerpiece.

Add Feather Ornaments and Pinecones for Christmas Centerpiece Idea.

For this next step, the feather ornaments and pinecones can be substituted for other items that will work with your decor. Some suggestions for a Christmas Centerpiece Idea would be faux pomegranates, oranges, or antlers.

I wanted to continue the rustic farmhouse theme, using three feather ornaments and foraged pinecones from our property.

Using hot glue, nestle the feather ornaments into the arrangement. The ornaments are large, and I felt three were substantial.

I placed the first two at the front and side, while the last one was at the back of the centerpiece.

Next, add a few pinecones. Stand back from the arrangement and look for gaps. Use hot glue to attach pinecones to areas that need something extra.

Add feather ornaments with hot glue and tuck in pinecone for a Rustic-Chic Greenery Centerpiece With Feathers Idea.

How To Add The Pheasant Feathers To DIY Centerpiece

Finally, you are ready for the final adornment of the DIY Centerpiece.

To add the pheasant feathers to the DIY Greenery Centerpiece, begin at the top and push them into the foam close to the boxwood. Place several around and in between the boxwood stems.

Add pheasant feathers in and around the boxwood stem for a Christmas Centerpiece idea withCedar, Magnolia and Boxwood

In addition, add a few of the feathers to the side of the arrangement where you placed the longer cedar stems. I used an entire package of these pheasant feathers for this arrangement.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas with rustic-chic pheasant feathers and feather ornaments plus foraged pinecones.

DIY Rustic-Chic Greenery Centerpiece

You can see that the rustic-chic greenery centerpiece is asymmetrical, with one side longer and more prominent than the other.

I love how the cedar, long tail feathers, and pinecones drape downward for added dramatic style.

Foraged pinecones and pheasant feather combined with fresh evergreens for a DIY Centerpiece with greenery.

The feather ornament is more prominent on the other side of the Christmas centerpiece idea, therefore keeping the arrangement somewhat balanced.

Greenery Centerpiece with cedar, magnolia leaves and boxwood stems for a unique rustic Christmas Centerpiece

To complement the Rustic-Chic Greenery and Pheasant Feather Centerpiece, a faux Pheasant is perched in a bird’s nest, and a set of deer antlers surround the base of the arrangement.

Farmhouse style rustic DIY Centerpiece for Christmas Decoratiing withCedar, Magnolia and Boxwood

Christmas Centerpiece Idea

The greenery centerpiece will be on my dining table for our annual Christmas party. In our monthly Supper Club series, you can see more details on how to host a Charcuterie Christmas Party next week.

Christmas Party Table Centerpiece with feathers and natural greenery. Cedar, Magnolia and Boxwood


I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial, and I look forward to sharing the full table with you next week.

If you are inspired to make your own arrangement centerpiece for Christmas, I’d love to see your version.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Greenery Centerpiece For Christmas with Feathers and Pinecones, Cedar, Magnolia, and Boxwood.


Saturday 16th of December 2023

Rachel, I love this centerpiece! It can be used after Christmas which is a plus in my book! Beautiful job, friend!


Sunday 17th of December 2023

Kim I really appreciate this. Thanks for your constant support this past year.


Friday 15th of December 2023

Love the way this came together so much, Rachel! The colors, the textures, the urn - it's all perfection. Plus, I really appreciate how this is something that can take you from Fall all the way to Spring and throughout the holiday season. It's just gorgeous! Just pinned and excited to share on today's post too. Big hugs, CoCo


Friday 15th of December 2023

CoCo, I really appreciate you for sharing this idea. Happy Holidays.


Wednesday 13th of December 2023

This centerpiece is so beautiful. Love all the elements you used. Your posts are so great and thank you for showing sources. Hope to do this one.


Friday 15th of December 2023

Oh you are so sweet. Thanks for your encouragement.


Saturday 9th of December 2023

Oh my goodess. TThis is stunning. You just can't go wrong with antlers, magnolia leaves and pheasant feathers. So beautiful.


Sunday 10th of December 2023

Renae, Thank you. I love the centerpiece too.


Saturday 9th of December 2023

Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you, Candy


Sunday 10th of December 2023

Candy, you are welcome. Thank you for stopping by.