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Free Queen Anne’s Lace & Wild Fern Basket Arrangement

Don’t you love a great find? What about a free Queen Ann’s Lace & Wild Fern Basket Flower Arrangement? I found a large supply of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and Wild Ferns growing along a creek bank. Obviously, I couldn’t resist gathering a supply of these to make a wildflower arrangement.

Here’s a quick look at how to make a wildflower basket arrangement and how to keep it looking fresh longer.

Queen Anne's Lace Flower found in the wild for a free flower arrangement. Rustic Basket Flower Display

Who could resist all these free beautiful blooms? I couldn’t, and I’m sharing how you can make a free and easy Queen Anne’s Lace Flower Arrangement with these wildflowers.

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How To Harvest Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers?

Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers can be seen growing wild in fields and along the roadside. It has delicate white flowers with lacy petals and is a popular choice for floral arrangements.

Because of the wildflower’s delicate nature, it’s important to harvest your flowers to ensure your arrangement will last as long as possible. It’s best to gather your Queen Anne’s Lace flowers in the early morning, just after the dew has dried on the plants. In addition, you need to place it in water quickly to avoid wilting.

When I saw all these lovely wildflowers, I quickly returned with a basket to gather my finds. I also wrapped stems in a damp cloth.

Queen Anne's Lace gathered for flower arrangement  with wild fern for a free floral arrangement.

How To Gather Wild Ferns for Flower Arrangements

Wild fern is another type of wildflower that is often found in the same habitats as Queen Anne’s Lace. It has feathery green fronds that add a touch of elegance to any arrangement.

Wild ferns love a shady spot and also need to be gathered with caution to ensure they stay fresh.

Cut the wild ferns with pruning shears as close to the base of the stem as possible. Keep the gathered ferns moist until you can add to water.

Wild ferns are great for flower arrangement for free home decor.

Supplies Needed To Make Arrangements

These free wildflowers would be great in any container; however, here are the supplies I used to make this arrangement.

The fun tobacco basket planter hangs on the wall and makes a perfect planter for these wildflowers. In order to provide water for the plants, it would be necessary to place containers inside the planter.

Y’all know I save tin cans for projects, so I had several to choose from.

Use tin cans to hold flowers and ferns and keep them watered inside a basket floral display

How To Prepare The Queen Anne’s Lace & Wild Fern Stems

Determine the height you need your wildflowers to be by holding them up against your container. Then using pruning shears, trim excess stems and leaves from both the fern and Queen Anne’s Lace.

You don’t want leaves below the water level.

Use sharp pruning shears to make a fresh clean angled cut.

Make fresh cuts to fern stems and remove stems

You want to trim the leaves to allow the stems to fit into your water containers.

Make fresh cuts to queen anne's  lace flowers before making a flower arrangement.

If you have stored the stems in water prior to arranging them, you need to make a fresh angle cut to the stem before arranging them.

Place Water Containers Inside the Basket

Place your basket in a secure position so it will not tip over, and insert the tin cans with water.

Place wild fern in water filled tin cans

How To Make A Wildflower Arrangement

First, add a few wild fern stems at the back of the containers.

Use wild fern in queen anne's lace flower arrangement in a tobacco basket wall arrangement.

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Let the wild fern stems be a backdrop for the Queen Anne’s Lace stems.

wild Ferns make great filler for flower arrangements in a tobacco basket arrangement.

Next, begin to add in the Queen Anne’s Lace in front of the fern. You will want to vary the heights of your flowers. I like to place the taller stems at the back, and the shorter stems are added as I move to the front of the arrangement.

In addition, be sure to insert each flower stem into the water containers. It’s easy to miss the can as the arrangement begins to fill up.

Add queen anne's lace to the front of the ferns in a tobacco basket style wall planter.

Finally, add more of your fern clippings to the front of the Queen Anne’s Lace flower and let it drape over the edge of the basket.

Fill in queen anne's lace arrangement with additional wild ferns for a rustic free wildflower arrangement.

Ta-Da FREE & Easy Queen Anne’s Lace Flower Arrangement

Don’t you love the fresh look of these wildflowers?

Cheap and Easy Queen Anne's Lace Flower Arrangement with wildflowers in a wall basket planter.

I love Queen Anne’s Lace, and the wild fern was such a bonus. If you don’t have access to fern, you can substitute with Rosemary stems or any greenery that you have growing in your garden.

Wall basket filled with free wildflowers for a FREE Queen Anne's Lace & Wild Fern Floral Arrangement

I decided to use the Cheap and Easy Queen Anne’s Lace Arrangement on the greenhouse wall.

Rustic tobacco basket wall planter in greenhouse with FREE Wildflower display.

If you like creative floral arrangements, be sure to see this Recycled Ice Cream churn filled with Black-eyed Susan’s or How to Arrange Hydrangeas in a Basket.

Although everything was free, it felt like an expensive arrangement with the beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace Flower.

Cheap and Easy Free Flower arrangement with wild Queen Anne's Lace Flowers and Ferns

I allowed the arrangement to dry naturally in the greenhouse.

Once it was dry, a few dried hydrangeas were added for a perfect Fall in the greenhouse arrangement.

Allow wildflower arrangement to dry and use for fall arrangement with dried hydrangeas added.  Pumpkin under a cloche

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How to make a wildflower Queen Anne's Lace & Wild Fern Basket Flower Arrangement Last Longer.
Free Wildflower Arrangement with queen anne's lace and wild fern
How to make a free flower arrangement using wild Queen Anne's Lace and wild fern


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

So pretty! I love clipping flowers from the side of the road. They make the best bouquets.


Wednesday 12th of July 2023

Renae, Thanks so much. Yes, free is always better.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra

Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Rachel, I love your tobacco basket. That is one basket I do not own! I remember having lots of Queen Anne's lace growing around my childhood property. I need to find out if I can grow it in Phoenix. So elegant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Mary, I appreciate this. I hope you can grow it in your area. Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Gosh, I'm late with giving a response. Love the unarrangement as this is the best look ever. I now know queen annes lace and wild carrot are very poisonous so I've decided to grow carrots so I can use the tops for wild looking unarrangements. If an animal or child were to eat any part of the queen anne's lace it could kill them. Such as if a seed were to drop to the ground, dangerous!!! I planted some and it took over in my garden. Lesson learned. I wouldn't suggest children handle any parts of this as it is so poisonous. Don't want to be a downer, but I'm so glad I found this out.


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Diana, It grows wild around here and usually close to water so the droppings are not close to the house. Thanks for the warning.

Meagan Trento

Friday 1st of July 2022

I love wild flowers. I always take my kids on nature walks and they love coming back to the house and putting floral arrangements together. The hanging basket came out so sweet. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Meagan, I'm so glad you liked this idea. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Monday 27th of June 2022

Super cute! I have been eyeing the Queen Anne’s lace on the side of the road. It’s gorgeous.


Tuesday 28th of June 2022

Renae, I'm so glad you liked this.