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Simple Budget Closet Design Ideas & Makeover

Y’all, my closet was out of control. A budget closet makeover was badly needed because I didn’t want to spend much on the project. We decided to use these closet design ideas to save money and make the closet efficient.

For less than $350.00, we now have double the storage space as before.

What’s Wrong With This Closet?

After examining the closet, we realized that only about half of the space was being utilized.

We have two rows of wire racks, and the upper rack of clothing entirely hides the bottom shelf.

Brad said he didn’t even realize there was a lower rack! LOL.

In addition, there was a lot of useless space above the top rack, and the area below the clothing was just a dump zone.

It’s easier to stay organized when you can walk inside the closet! I forgot I even had those clothes on the back wall. LOL

Closet Before with under utilized spaces and no organization.  DIY Closet Design Ideas for less than $350.00

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Closet Design Ideas

Depending on your budget, there are many closet design ideas. They range from OMG to maybe I can afford that.

However, I didn’t want to spend a fortune; I just wanted a more efficient closet.

I looked at the closet systems from IKEA. They are considered budget-friendly but still beyond my budget.

Although I can’t say I like these wire racks, trashing them and spending hundreds of dollars on replacing them wasn’t an option for this budget-minded girl. And it definitely wasn’t an option for her REALLY budget-mined husband.

Therefore, the closet design ideas must include keeping the existing wire racks.

Closet Before with lower wire shelf that was never used. Closet Makeover for less than $350.00 - see the after

How To Start The Closet Makeover?

To begin the closet makeover, you will need to measure your space and make some notes.

Our closet design ideas included exact measurements before we started shopping.

Next, research what your options are.

My first stop was IKEA. They have great tools for organizing and, as I mentioned, great closet organizers.

Although we didn’t want to rip out the existing closet shelving, I did find some items that would work.

After measuring the space, we saw that we could add 3 IKEA Kallax Storage Cubes. They were more budget-friendly than the closet organization pieces.

In addition, we added two sets of drawers and some soft storage cube fillers.

Tools and Supplies

Here are all the tools and supplies used for this $350.00 closet makeover. I receive a 5% discount at IKEA for their loyalty program. So that saved a little on the cost of the storage cubes.

Adjust Existing Shelving – Budget-Friendly Closet Design Ideas

Next, it was time to make adjustments to the existing shelving.

As I shared above, the lower shelf was totally useless.

In addition, the area above the top shelf needed to be more utilized. You can only stack so many boxes on a narrow shelf without risking a crash.

Therefore, for this budget-friendly closet design idea, Brad removed the entire lower shelf and moved it above the existing rack.

He used a tape measure and level to ensure the rack was installed evenly above the lower one.

Fortunately, he could use all the existing hardware, saving money.

Reposition the wire racks in the closet makeover to utilize the space more efficiently.  DIY Closet Makeover & Closet Design Ideas

Next, he removed a section of the shelving from the back wall to make room for the IKEA Kallax unit.

We plan to add one on the floor horizontally and one above it vertically.

Move existing wire racks and open up a space for a tall storage unit in the back of the budget closet makeover.

Once everything was in place, all the holes were filled with dry wall spackle and smoothed.

We just touched up the paint since the closet didn’t need repainting. All the holes are hidden from view once everything is installed.

Fill holes with dry wall spackling.

Add IKEA units

Next, we added the three IKEA Kallax Units, a significant part of the closet design ideas.

Two were placed on the floor, horizontally, to help fill the underutilized space below the clothing.

The third one is placed on top of the one at the back of the closet and attached to the wall for security.

In addition, I can now store my out-of-season art on the unit behind my clothing.

IKEA Kallax Units combined with existing wire racks to create storage space in walk-in closet. budget closet makeover ideas.

Plus, the wire racks are attached to the IKEA unit on both sides for added security.

The closet design ideas using these units worked perfectly. They filled the back wall, leaving just enough room for hanging clothes at the sides.

With the new height of the cabinet and upper storage racks, a folding step ladder is a must-have in the closet.

IKEA Kallax Units add much-needed storage to an underutilized closet space.  Budget Closet Makeover & Closet Design Ideas

Closet Makeover Complete

After everything was back in the closet, we were amazed at the space left to store new items. LOL

I also added space-saving velvet hangers to all my clothing. I had a good supply that I’ve added to over the years.

Budget Friendly Closet Design Ideas using IKEA Storage cubes and moving the wire racks into another position.

The entire upper rack is still empty and will be an excellent spot for out-of-season clothing, bedding, or new items.

I’m sure it will fill up quickly. LOL

I also plan to add more storage cubes to keep items out of sight and more organized, but those have yet to arrive.

Budget Closet Design Ideas - move the bottom shelve up high for added storage.

Pegboard Shoe Organization – Closet Design Ideas

You may recall that my Kitchen Pantry stays organized with a pegboard wall.

I have utilized that same idea for organizing my shoes.

The pegboard wall was installed when we built the farmhouse, and I added storage bins.

Budget Closet Makeover using pegboard wall & IKEA storage cubes to organize the closet design ideas.

More Budget Closet Makeover Ideas – Add Storage to Pegboard

To keep with the budget closet makeover ideas, first, I purchased these bins to organize shoes on the pegboard.

I have two sets along with these additional supplies left over from my pantry pegboard.

The storage bins are a great closet design idea. They can be adjusted to accommodate different shoes and can be moved seasonally.

I like to keep my go-to shoes within easy reach and place the out-of-season shoes on the higher racks.

Budget Closet Makeover Ideas for storing shoes on a pegboard wall.  Space saving shoe organization.

Click Image for Details

Jewelry and Lingerie Cabinet

Last year I shared the TV Cabinet Makeover. The cabinet is just outside this closet and now holds all my jewelry, handbags, and lingerie.

After living in the farmhouse for six years, I am finally getting everything organized. LOL

Old TV Cabinet repurposed into a jewelry and lingerie cabinet in bathroom.

You may also like these bathroom ideas!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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Budget Friendly Closet Design Ideas to double your storage space.  Easy DIY Closet Makeover Ideas
Easy Closet Makeover and Budget Friendly design Ideas


Saturday 1st of July 2023

I totally reworked my closet with 3 of $1 Trees fabric boxes. They hold all sweatshirts, T-shirts that were scattered about and purses, totes were put in the big suitcase in the back of the closet. Can't believe how much room I recovered with these simple tricks. $3.75 and 2 hours of time Now have empty spaces on shelf.


Sunday 2nd of July 2023

Loretta, That is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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Friday 17th of February 2023

Great job on the closet makeover! I like the shelves you added! I would love to do something similar in my closet! Thanks for the inspiration!


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Donna, I'm so glad you like this. Thanks for stopping by.

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Michele, thank you so much. Anytime you are welcome to share.