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Best Winter Decorating Tips

Once the Christmas Decor it put away, then what? It’s a struggle for sure because all the festive decor has been stored and our homes feel dull. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way!

Here are my Best Winter Decorating Tips including how to easily transition from the Holiday’s. Easy ways to make your home inviting, cozy and not dull at all.

Boxwood is a favorite evergreen for winter decorating! Winter is the perfect time to fill your containers and they will last into the summer months.

Winter Decorating Essentials

  • Evergreens
  • Pinecones
  • Warm Blanket Throws & Soft Pillows
  • Candles
  • Mirrors & Cloches to reflect warmth
  • Snowy branches or sticks
  • Fresh Fruits and Herbs
  • Forced Branches or Bulbs
  • Warm Wood Tones
  • White Dishes
  • Textured items such as old books, wooden trays, bread boards, etc.
  • Copper and Vintage Brass pieces such as candle sticks.

Winter Decorating Tips From Nature

A favorite way to decorate for any season is with foraged items from nature.

Winter offers an abundance of evergreens and pinecones. Sticks or twigs are also easily found.

The pinecones with a little faux flocking or snow, are perfect for filling containers. The battery operated flicker candles are safe and easy to turn on with a remote. See this post on how to easily add a faux snow to pinecones, trees or branches.

You can see how I used these elements on my porch planters as well. A basket filled with snowy pinecones rests on a vintage sled for winter porch vignette. The snowy grapevine wreath needed more volume so a twig wreath was added with twist ties. See all the porch details here.

Adding candles instantly warms up any space. Sophie and her snowy background continues to grace my table for several weeks during winter.

A snowy pinecone takes centerstage on the Winter Table and you can see the Sophie Print here.

Winter Decorating with a Few Holiday Items

No need to put away every Christmas item because some are winter décor as well as Christmas! As an example, a few snowmen continue to hang around for the winter months. In addition, I leave my snowy trees and wreath along with my vintage sled.

In addition, a few of the snowy trees and wreaths continue to keep the Farmhouse warm and cozy. You can also keep paper snowflakes out during the winter. See how to make them here.

Cozy Blanket Throws & Pillows

Next, using lots of throw blankets & pillows not only make the rooms look cozy, but also are practical for this time of year. I rarely watch TV without pulling a blanket over my legs. Be sure to have plenty within reach at all times.

Warm Wood Tones for Winter

Woods and Whites have long been a favorite for any time of the year, however winter is a perfect time to add more texture. Adding bread boards, old rolling pins, or wooden trays is an inexpensive ways to add warmth to your home this winter.

Add candles, copper and wooden pieces for the best winter decorating tips.

My first original cow painting – Grace – See prints here.

See How to Easily Style This Centerpiece for a Cozy Table

See how to make new wood look like old barn wood on the post showing how the island top was aged.

Shop This Style

Adding white dishes to a natural wood riser creates a warm centerpiece for this Winter Table.

Stacks and stacks of white dishes on shelves add a cozy feel.

Adding Textured decor

A wooden barrel, tray, or tool box, looks great when filled with an old book collection. Add a hurricane lantern filled with a candle and wrapped in greenery to create a warm vignette.

Old Books and wooden elements for Winter Decorating Tips

You can also make areas feel more cozy by adding mirrors to dark corners of your home. Here is a post which uses mirrors to brighten dark shelves. See more about styling shelves on the same post.

Porch Decor for Winter

More foraged pinecones and a few faux red birds keep the porch festive during Winter.

Adding faux snow to natural helps for Winter Decorating

Forced Stems or Bulbs

This year I plan to start bringing stems and bulbs inside early to force some blooms. You can read more about bringing elements of nature inside on this post. Paperwhite Bulbs are a favorite of mine as well.

Forced stems help is a great Winter Decorating Tip.

Warm Metals are a Great Winter Decorating Tip

Add touches of copper and vintage brass throughout your home to add warmth to your winter spaces.

I love collecting both copper and brass when out thrifting.

Copper add so much warmth for winter decorating

The vintage brass bird salt and pepper shakers are one of my favorite family heirlooms. It’s so fun to combine them with vintage brass candlesticks.

Here’s hoping you find some inspiration to brighten your winter months!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Friday 4th of March 2022

Thanks so much for sharing Stacy.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

Super great post. My favourite spot is always your stairwell. Thank you so much for all the insporation. Winter decor is always a challenge for me.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Pamela, I'm so glad you liked this post.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

Wonderful suggestions. I have about 25 snowmen I bring out after my Christmas decorations are put away. The collection is primarily from when my kids were little ( and they now have little ones!). I changed my wooden tree to a snowman tree and put a big ole Snowman’s head on him. I have to thank you again for the wooden tree idea - it has become one of my favorite decorations and I think it is going to be a year round focal point for my screen porch. We can enjoy it from the living room in this cold weather. Love seeing your home. Peace.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Cindi, I'm so glad you like your wooden tree. What a great idea to add a snowman head. Thanks for your encouragement.

Lila Crotwell

Sunday 10th of January 2021

Wow! Now I'm READY to finish putting my Christmas things away and move into winter decorating. I am in love with the barrel bowl (I don't really know what to call it!)...any idea where I might find one? I subscribed to your email list and so look forward to seeing your great ideas. Happy Winter!

[email protected]

Monday 11th of January 2021

Lila, Welcome. I'm so excited to have you join me. I wish I had a source for that bowl. It's a vintage antique. I can't wait to share more with you and if I ever have a source, I'll be sure to share.


Saturday 9th of January 2021

So many beautiful and helpful decorating tips, Rachel. Winter is always hard because I miss the twinkling lights of the tree but I love a clean slate too. These ideas are perfect and will easily take us right into Spring. Hugs, CoCo

[email protected]

Saturday 9th of January 2021

Thanks so much COCO!