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The Secret To Maximize Pantry Storage with Pegboard Organizing Magic

Want to maximize pantry storage and get some ideas to organize your pantry? Then, take a look at my favorite pantry organizing tip. Even with all the organizing tools available, it’s hard to keep the pantry organized with its constant use. I had the brilliant idea to add a pegboard wall to one side of our pantry, and although the rest of the pantry can look like a hot mess, the pegboard wall magically stays organized every day.

Everything has its place, and if a new item is introduced, just a few adjustments can quickly accommodate the new item.

Y’all are probably wondering why I’m sharing an organizing post when I’ve made no secret of my lack of organization.

However, I cleaned out my pantry and realized I have a brilliant tip you need to know about.

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Pegboard Wall – Ideas To Organize A Pantry

First, when we were building our forever home, a large walk-in pantry was one of my top priorities.

The kitchen would have limited cabinets, and cookware was always a storage issue in all my previous homes. I dreaded digging through the cabinet to find the pot I needed.

Although our builder was skeptical of this idea, I knew the idea of organizing a pantry with a pegboard was a brilliant one.

Best Pantry Organizing Tips - Peg Board Wall

Why is this the Best Pantry Organizing Tip?

I thought we were building a great pantry storage space but as you know, you can never have enough storage space. Even with a large walk-in pantry, our pantry is full and hard to keep organized. However, the pegboard pantry organizing idea means that everything has a place.

  • All items are immediately visible.
  • Everything has a place, and it’s easy to replace exactly where it belongs.
  • You never have to move an item to find what you are looking for.
See pots and pans hanging on peg board in pantry best organizing tip.

Budget-Friendly Pantry Storage

Another reason to consider adding a pegboard to maximize and organize your pantry is it’s a budget-friendly option.

Pegboard is relatively inexpensive, and the tools to make the organization work are budget-minded.

What do you need to make it work?

Just a few pegboard accessories will organize all your pots and pans. In addition, many baskets, hooks, and hangers can be used securely on a peg board.

One of my favorite accessories is the magazine file holder hack. I probably saw this on Pinterest years ago and it’s a genius idea for holding aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, etc. containers. Just a couple of holes were punched into the mesh of the holder, and the J Hooks were to attach to the peg board.

Best Organizing Tips for storage wraps and more.
These magazine file holders can also be installed inside a cabinet door for the same purpose.

What if I don’t have a wall for Pegboard?

You don’t have to have an entire wall of peg board for it to help organize your pantry. You can place pieces of peg board above or below your shelves, as well as in between.

Be sure to check out these 8 Ideas to help get you organized throughout the house and garden.

Easy to organize and move if needed.

Simple J hooks are perfect for hanging most saucepans & skillets. They are sturdy and easy to move if you need to.

As I’ve added or replaced cooking utensils, moving the hooks and rearranging the wall is a quick and easy process.

Pots and pans hanging on peg board wall.

One of my smaller saucepans needs these wire brackets because it doesn’t have a hole in the handle for the J Hook.

various hooks needed to organizing tips

In addition, the pegboard is perfect for hanging some of the larger serving pieces. For these, I used a wall plate rack held securely in place with several J Hooks.

Platter's hanging on peg board wall another pantry organizing tip.
Even my Kitchen Witch has a dedicated spot on the peg board for LUCK!

Best Panty Storage Tip For Out Of Reach Items

Another thing I like about the peg board is that it allows seldom-used items to hang high on the wall.

I have a sturdy step ladder that’s easy to use when these items are needed.

Wall of platters, tupperware and more on peg board wall.

The convenient wire baskets are great for storing items that are used frequently or are hard to organize on a shelf, such as dry spice packets, olive oil, and such.

Hanging baskets organize spices and more on pantry best organizing tips

Bonus Organizing Tips for Pantry Storage

One of the biggest problems with pantry storage is keeping items visible for ease of use.

One of my favorite pantry storage ideas is using a Lazy Susan. I have several that are used for canned foods throughout the pantry. They come in single and double shelves for different heights and container sizes.

Lazy susan's are great for canned goods in pantry

Ideas for Pantry Organization

We recently added these three-tiered spice organizers, and they have really helped keep our spices available at a glance.

They also work well for smaller canned items and bottled items such as bar-b-que sauces, salad dressings, etc.

Clear, Well Labeled Pantry Storage

Another important pantry storage tip is to use clear storage containers that are well-labeled.

I used kraft paper adhesive printable labels on clear glass and plastic containers to identify items stored inside.

Because I’m budget-friendly, I have collected many of my glass containers at thrift stores. Here are a few that I have purchased and some that are similar.

In addition, I used a Silhouette Cameo to print the labels for a cohesive look on the container.

Good Lighting

Another tip that has made using my pantry very user-friendly is installing an automatic light. When the pantry door opens, the light automatically comes on. As often as I open that door, it’s a great convenience.

Automatic light offers hands free access to pantry

This is the button that automatically turns the light on inside my pantry.

If your pantry is on a light switch inside the closed door, you can quickly and inexpensively change out the control so that the light automatically comes on. Here is one option.

More Storage and Organizing Tips


I’ve shared links to all the resources I used for this Pantry Storage and Pantry Organizing post. You can see each item below. Just click to shop.

I hope these tips are helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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Sunday 10th of July 2022

This post reminded me of my mom. She had a pegboard in her kitchen for as long as I can remember. When they moved into a smaller house my mom insisted that pegboard come too. It is an amazingly efficient way to store items and makes frequently used items handily accessible. Thanks for sending me down memory lane. I love your blog.


Sunday 10th of July 2022

Penny, Oh that is great! I am so happy this brought happy memories. Thanks so much for your sweet commment.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

I love your pantry! There is nothing as great as an organized kitchen!


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Janine, I agree. Thanks so much.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Brilliant!! I haven't shared it yet but I use pegboard in my office/craft room.

It helps me put things in their place.

It's always a challenge because between creating and writing there's always stuff out.

But when I share this area beginning soon it's easy to keep organized



Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Cindy, I'm so glad you like this idea. Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

I am ready to get my pantry organized in 2022 with these amazing tips!


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Wendy, Thanks so much. Glad you found this helpful.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

This makes me wish I had a walk-in pantry. I love all your organizing ideas. You've really utilized the space so well with the pegboard.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Shawna, Thanks so much. The walk-in pantry was a must have in my forever home.