Want to add charm to your outdoor space?  These 7 Outdoor Kitchen Vintage Decor Ideas will show you how to incorporate vintage pieces into outdoor living areas.

Outdoor Kitchen Before




Primitive Cupboard 

Title 3

tips on safeguarding your vintage items from environmental factors and how to enhance your space with a vintage aesthetic.

Inside Outdoor Kithen

With a little planning, you can create a vintage outdoor kitchen that is both stylish and functional.

Thrifted Primitive

The primitive cupboard works perfectly with the vintage wood cook stove and refrigerator

The vintage cast iron wood cook stove was a gift from my aunt.  She received her first stove when she got married nearly a century ago.

Cast Iron Sink

After a new coat of paint and a new leg, the sink fits right into the retro outdoor kitchen vibe.

The antique screened door was originally the front door of the cabin which is now our outdoor kitchen.

DIY Sign Is replica of the original 

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinet for storage