By Rachel  The Ponds Farmhouse

Low Country Boil Party Plan

Shrimp, Sausage, Corn and Potatoes are cooked together in one big steam pot.

Supplies Needed: – Outdoor Gas Stove or a Seafood Steamer Boiler Kit – Large Stock Pot – A prepared dump site – Protective gloves – Long Tongs for Serving

Bring Water to a boil and begin adding your ingredients.  Begin with Potatoes and then corn & onions.  Leave sausages and Shrimp until last.

When boil is finished, dump in your dump zone & let guests gather their plates.  

Since the meal can be messy, I recommend setting the tables outside. 

You can use craft paper to line the tables and then throw it away after the party. 

Make the table setting fun with lobster napkins.

You can write the menu on the craft paper for a fun touch to the table.  

Have plenty of cocktail sauce and butter for dipping.

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