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Quick & Easy Patriotic Pillow Cover with Dollar Tree Finds (No Sew)

Are you looking for some quick and easy patriotic decor ideas? You’ll love this no-sew red, white, and blue patriotic pillow cover made with Dollar Tree finds. I found this set of two Dollar Tree Patriotic bandanas for only $1.25. I brought them home without a clue how I’d use them. But as I laid them out on my sofa, I immediately saw a Dollar Tree pillow in my future.

Anyone can easily make this simple pillow cover. All you need are these adorable bandanas, fabric glue, and Velcro. I used a pillow insert from another seasonal pillow, so it was free. For about $3.00 and as little as 24 hours, you can have a stylish and festive pillow for the 4th of July. Each side has a different pattern, making the pillow reversible and more decorating-friendly.

Dollar Tree Bandana Budget-Friendly Patriotic Pillow Cover.

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How To Make a Dollar Tree Pillow (No-Sew)

First, purchase a set of Dollar Tree bandanas. My store had two different styles, and each package had two different prints. They are all so festive and fun. All you need to do is cut the tags off the bandanas.

I used velcro to add an easy opening and closing to insert the pillow form. You will first want to cut a strip of velcro slightly shorter than the length of the bandana. Next, I cut the velcro in half lengthwise. This step is optional, but since the fabric glue would be at the edge of the bandanas, I wanted only a slim piece of velcro to keep the seams as even as possible.

Dollar Tree Patriotic Bandanas easy and quick no sew patriotic pillow idea.

How To Add Velcro To The Patriotic Pillow Cover

To add the velcro to the Patriotic pillow cover, lay the two bandanas together with the edges even. The wrong sides of the fabric should face each other. Determine which edge will be the bottom of your pillow. Then, fold back the bottom edge, keeping everything even from side to side.

Apply the permanent fabric glue to one side of the velcro and press it to the bottom edge of the fabric at the center. Be sure to apply it to the backside of the fabric print.

Then, use straight pins to hold the velcro until it dries. Repeat this with the other side of the velcro, ensuring it is aligned properly. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours before proceeding.

Add pins to hold velcro in place on the no-sew Dollar Tree Pillow Cover.

Insider Tip

The velcro can be stiff and hard to lay flat. The straight pins will help to keep it flat until the glue dries. Do not remove the pins until the velcro is secure.

If you prefer, you can sew the Velcro in place. This project is easy to make with a sewing machine and can be hand-stitched. Instead of fabric glue, gather your sewing machine or needle and thread to create this Patriotic pillow cover.

How To Create Dollar Tree Patriotic Decor

Now, you are ready to create the Dollar Tree Patriotic Decor Pillow. First, protect your work surface with wax paper or other material to prevent glue from seeping through the fabric and causing damage. Lay one of the bandanas on the wax paper with the wrong side up. The Velcro should also be facing upward. Apply the fabric glue to the edges of the bandana, avoiding the Velcro.

Add permanent fabric glue to edges of the Dollar Tree Patriotic Bandanas.

Next, place the second bandana on top, ensuring that the velcro lines up evenly.

Press the fabric together around the outside edges and secure it with a few straight pins.

Set aside to dry once you have all the edges aligned and secure. Following the permanent fabric glue instructions for drying time.

Keep pins in until glue dries.

How To Add Pillow Insert

Once the glue dries, you are ready to add the pillow insert to your new Dollar Tree Pillow. I removed a pillow insert from another decor pillow. Once the 4th of July is over, I’ll fold my festive pillow and store it until the next patriotic holiday.

Just open the side with the velcro and fold your pillow insert in half. Side the pillow inside with the crease facing up. Allow it to open as you slide it in and press to fluff.

Red, white and blue Dollar Tree Patriotic Pillow Cover on porch rocker with red throw blanket.

Decorate With Dollar Tree Pillow

This pillow will look adorable in any area of your home. For now, I plan to use it on my front porch. It looks festive mixed with red and blue throw blankets on our porch rocking chairs.

Stars and Strips Dollar Tree Bandana Pillow cover with a no-sew option.

You can reverse it by flipping it over for a completely refreshed style.

Flag pillow cover with Dollar Tree finds on front porch rocking  chair with red and blue throw blankets.

Which side do you like best? I hope you stay tuned for a full Patriotic porch reveal on June 25th.

Red, white and blue patriotic pillow cover for front porch.



Patriotic Pillow Cover Video Tutorial

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Patriotic Pillow Cover - Easy No-Sew Craft with Dollar Tree Finds

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Saturday 15th of June 2024

You had me at "no sew," Rachel. Another great idea for the 4th of July and other patriotic holidays!


Monday 17th of June 2024

Kim, It's so easy and cute. Let me know if you try it.


Thursday 13th of June 2024

Oh Rachel these are wonderful!!! I have been wanting to get some patriotic pillow covers for my front porch but the cost was way more then I wanted to spend as I have 10 pillows between the swing, rockers and bench. I change the covers for the season. This would be great! I hope our dollar tree have these. Thanks so much for sharing. As far as the side....I would but a combination of both sides out. Thanks again! Blessings, Candy


Thursday 13th of June 2024

Candy, I hope you can find the bandanas. They are so cute. Let me know how it turns out.