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DIY Block Print Napkins: Personalize Your Table With Easy Paint Ideas

If you love the look of personalized custom napkins, wait until you see how easy the DIY Block Print Napkins are to make. DIY custom napkins can be made in many designs and colors to enhance any table setting. These DIY fabric napkins are easy to make using inexpensive pre-made cotton linen napkins and craft paint. With these simple techniques, you can create a multitude of block print table linens for creative tablescapes.

Block Stamp Napkins with blue fern on white cotton linen napkin

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What Is Block Print?

Block printing is an ancient art form used for centuries to create beautiful textiles, wallpapers, and more. The designs are created using wooden blocks with carved designs. It has a unique charm and a handcrafted feel.

Block print designs are easy and fun to make yourself.

Supplies For Block Print Napkins

I found these great wooden block stamps on Amazon. The designs are perfect for creating block print table linens. I used two different stamps and four colors of craft paint to create eight unique napkins.

Here are the supplies needed.

How To Prepare Napkins For Paint

To prepare your cloth napkins for painting, wash and dry them. Then, press to remove wrinkles by using a heat press or iron.

Heat Press napkins

How To Prepare Paint For Block Printing

To prepare your paint for application to the fabric, you will need to add a fabric medium. Add 2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium. Mix until the paint is smooth.

Mix craft paint with fabric medium

Apply the paint to a flat, protected surface and use the brayer roller to flatten it. I covered a foam board with wax paper. Secure the wax paper with tape to prevent it from moving on the board.

Roll paint to flatten with brayer roller

You can now apply the stamps to the fabric to make DIY block print napkins.

Create DIY Block Print Napkins

First, lay your napkin on a flat, protected surface. I used another foam board with wax paper for the napkin.

Begin to create the block print napkins with your choice of wooden stamps. Press the stamp into the paint and then apply it to the napkin. Repeat this process, creating a design of your choice.

I pressed a row at the bottom of the napkin and then added a second row, staggering the lines. The third row was in line with the first row. Once I had three rows, I turned the napkin around and repeated with three more rows in the opposite direction.

DIY Custom Napkin with wooden block stamps and craft paint.

You can see the full design in which I used pink daisies to create DIY custom napkins. You’ll notice that I stamped all the designs without measuring or worrying about spacing.

If you want a more precise block prink napkin, you may want to draw lines with a fabric marker to keep everything in line. If I were making a DIY Block Print Tablecloth, I would be more concerned with straight lines and even placement of the block stamp.

Daisy like pink stamp on white napkins.

Heat Press To Set Paint

Once the paint is dried, heat press the napkins to set the paint. Set the iron on high and place a protective cloth or Teflon heat press sheets between the iron and the paint. Press over all the designs and smooth any wrinkles in the napkins.

DIY block print napkins in green, blue, pink and yellow.

DIY Custom Napkins

I choose to create four colors in the same design. I think they will be fun mixed on a summer table. You may prefer to use one color for all your DIY custom napkins.

DIY Block Print Napkins with silver napkin rings on woven tray.

The block print napkins look good with napkin rings or loosely tied into a knot. The daisy block stamp creates a whimsical style napkin, while the fern stamp looks slightly more dressed up.

DIY Custom Block Print Napkins tied into a knot on woven tray with silver napkin rings.

I plan to use the napkins on an upcoming Supper Club-themed table by the pool. So be sure to return for more images of these fun DIY Napkins.

DIY Fabric Block Print Napkins in blue, yellow, green and pink with sterling silver napkin rings.

Be sure to check out these napkins on the poolside summer table.

Yield: 8 Napkins

DIY Block Print Napkins Tutorial

DIY Block Print Napkins Tutorial

Easy Block Print DIY Custom Napkins with Craft Paint

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Block Stamps
  • Cotton Linen Napkins
  • Craft Paint
  • Fabric Medium


  • Brayer Roller
  • Heat Press


  1. Wash and dry cloth napkins
  2. Press to remove wrinkles
  3. Add fabric medium to craft paint per instructions
  4. Prepare a flat protected surface and roll paint with a brayer roller to flatten.
  5. Place napkin flat on another protected surface.
  6. Press the block stamp into the flattened paint.
  7. Then press onto the napkin.
  8. Repeat creating a pattern of your choice.
  9. Allow paint to dry
  10. Heat press the design to set paint.

Did you make this project?

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Video tutorial for DIY Block Print Napkins

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DIY Block Print Napkins easy tutorial.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Saturday 15th of June 2024

I love these, Rachel! The prints you picked were perfect for summer. What a great idea!

Carol Lander

Monday 17th of June 2024

Rachel, love this idea. Would you hand wash or machine wash the napkins after painting them?


Monday 17th of June 2024

Kim, I'm so glad you like them


Friday 14th of June 2024

I've been on the hunt for some pink and green napkins with no luck. This seems to be the better option. Thanks for the great idea!


Friday 14th of June 2024

Cindy, I'm so glad you like them.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra

Friday 14th of June 2024

Rachel, I have never done this but am inspired by your comprehensive tutorial! Love the napkins! So pretty.


Friday 14th of June 2024

Mary, It's so easy and I know you will love the options. Thanks for stopping by.

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