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How to Make Individual Appetizers Mini Charcuterie Board Ideas

Today I’m answering that burning question, what is a Charcuterie Board? Plus, sharing Charcuterie Board Ideas to make Individual Mini Charcuterie Board Appetizers for an Outdoor Garden Party. The Charcuterie definition dates back to 15th century France and translates to “the products of a fancy pork butcher”. However, we’ll take a look at the modern charcuterie board definition and learn more about how you can create mini boards.

Our Supper Club Dinner Party theme is a Country Garden Party for late summer. The guests will be milling around outdoors and exploring the grounds, therefore the idea of an easy to hold mini Charcuterie Board sounds good.

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What is a Charcuterie Board?

The Charcuterie Board definition according to Wikipedia is “an appetizer typically served on a wooden board or stone slab that features a selection of preserved foods, especially cured meats or pâtés, as well as cheeses and crackers or bread.”

The modern definition and definitely sound more appealing than the 15th Century French definition “products of a fancy pork butcher”.

Although the French term and charcuterie board definition are updated to include more item than just pork, cured meats are still a staple when making a charcuterie board.

Creative Ideas for making a Charcuterie Board are included on this large board which allows guests to graze from one large board on the table.

Large Charcuterie Board Ideas allows guest to graze from one appetizer tray or board.

So what is an individual mini charcuterie board definition? It’s the same as above but just a small board with an individual size portion of preserved foods.

How Do You Pronounce Charcuterie?

Here is what I found on google. Sharr-KOO-Tr-ee

Now let’s make those cute little boards.

What Do You Put On A Mini Charcuterie Board?

Here are a few suggestions for ingredients to make a mini charcuterie board.

Individual Mini Charcuterie Board Ideas for Small Easy to carry small appetizers for dinner party.

How To Make A Salami Rosette?

One of my favorite Charcuterie Board Ideas is to make salami rosettes to decorate the boards.

To make a salami rosette, you need hard salami and a wine glass. However, to make mini salami rosettes, you small rounds of hard salami and a shot size mini wine glass.

Begin by folding the salami over the rim of the glass with approx. 1/2 – 3/4 of the salami on the outside of the glass.

How to make a salami rosette for small appetizer idea  to make a creative display for outdoor dinner party.

To See The Video Tutorial Click Here

Continue adding salami slices by overlapping the pieces until the glass rim is covered. Approx. 4-5 pieces should be enough for each rosette.

Press the salami firmly around the glass.

How to make a salami rosette for appetizer tray.  Farmhouse Style Dinner Party Ideas.

Turn glass over and gently remove the glass.

The definition of Charcuterie includes cured meats such as salami and ham.  Add a salami rosette to decorate board.

Finally, place the rosette on the Charcuterie Board.

How to Make Individual small appetizer boar.  Add olives, cheese, crackers and nuts.

Mini Charcuterie Board Ideas

Additionally, here are more mini charcuterie board ideas.

Once you have the rosettes made, you can fill in the center with fruit or olives.

Then cut small pieces of cheese to add to the mini boards.

Place olives in middle of the salami rosettes for charcuterie boards for Farmhouse Country Dinner Party

Fill the boards

Now you can begin to fill each board with your choice of crackers, cheese, nuts, etc. to the individual boards.

You can make each board identical of create unique combinations for your guests.

Individual Charcuterie Board Ideas for Country Garden Dinner Party for Supper Club.

How to Serve the Individual Size Appetizers

There are several ways to serve the individual size appetizers at your party.

You can easily just place the individual boards on a table for your guests to just pick their choice of boards. In addition, you can place one on each of the place setting dinner plates.

Finally, add the mini charcuterie boards to a tray for serving. The tray can be placed on a table or can be passed by a server or the host.

The Charcuterie Board Idea for this dinner party was to place a mini board on each dinner plate. The Country Garden Dinner Party Table is designed with a combination of vintage plates and thrifted tableware.

Place Charcuterie Boards on Each dinner plate at the Country Outdoor Supper Club Dinner Party

The individual size boards allow your guests to mingle and enjoy a cocktail. The Ranch Water Cocktail Recipe is great paired with the charcuterie boards.

Ranch Water Cocktail paired with mini Charcuterie Board Appetizers

If you’d like to see the full menu and recipes for this months Supper Club click here.

I look forward to sharing the full table with you on tomorrows Supper Club Country Garden Dinner Party.

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Oh, they are so fun to make and that little wine glass is just the thing.


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