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How To Make Foraged Twig Christmas Topiaries With Dried Oranges

Looking for cheap and sustainable Christmas Craft Ideas? You will love these easy-foraged twig Christmas Topiaries. These DIY Christmas Topiaries can be made for almost nothing because all the supplies are gathered and recycled. The only item you need to purchase is the styrofoam cones and a couple of oranges.

For this project, I used new cones. However, I usually recycle my natural topiary cones to save money. So if you have some old styrofoam cones, pull off the ornaments and recycle them. I’ve also picked up some cheap decorated cones at thrift stores to use for a new project.

What Are Foraged Supplies

For this project, I used a combination of gathered twigs and pinecones foraged from our property. In addition, I used recycled scrap fabric and dried oranges.

The only purchased items were the thrift store candlesticks I used as bases and the styrofoam cones.

There are several options for the topiary bases. I used these DIY bases for the Cedar and Orange Topiaries a few years ago.

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How To Make Christmas Topiaries

These cute Christmas Topiaries are easy to make and so inexpensive.

Dry Orange Slices

Before you begin, you need to dry some orange slices. I always dry several oranges to decorate with during the holidays. You can read How to Dry Fruit for all the details.

Dry Orange slices for holiday decorating.

Gather Twigs

Next, gather a good selection of twigs to use as the base of the topiaries. You will need two lengths of twigs to make two rows on the styrofoam cone. The length will be determined by the size of your cone.

I allowed the lower row of twigs to be slightly longer than the top row.

gather twigs for DIY Topiary

Prepare Pinecones

Also, gather small pinecones and apply a little faux snow to the tips using this easy two-step flocking method. Allow the flocking to dry before attaching it to the topiaries.

Flock foraged sustainable pinecones.

Scrap Fabric

Next, cut the scrap fabric the same length as the twigs or slightly longer. Allow for wrapping around the cone three times at both levels.

Then cut strips in the fabric leaving only 1/4 inches left at the top.

Cut scrap fabric into strips to make easy topiaries.


Assemble DIY Christmas Topiaries

Once all the above supplies are prepared and organized, you can begin to assemble the topiaries.

Protect your table surface from hot glue, etc., with a layer of wax paper.

Beginning with the lower row of fabric, attach two rounds of split fabric to the cone using floral picks

Use floral pins to attach scrap fabric to styrofoam cone.

Next, take the third round of scrap fabric and attach the twigs with hot glue.

Hot Glue foraged twigs to scrap fabric. Easy Topiary tutorial.

Once the fabric is filled with twigs, attach the piece to the cone using floral picks. Be sure to cover the original material.

Attach scrap fabrics and twigs with floral pick to cone-shaped styrofoam cone.

Fill in any gaps by attaching additional twigs with hot glue.

Gathered twigs and recycled scrap fabrics attached to tree shaped cone.

Paint Twigs (Optional Step)

Next, using white chalk paint and a small brush, paint the surface of the twigs.

You may prefer to leave the twigs natural for a more rustic DIY Topiary.

Paint sustainable foraged twigs with white chalk paint to make DIY Christmas Topiaries.

Attach Orange Slices

You can begin immediately to add the orange slices to the first row.

Cut the slices and place them slightly below the top of the twigs. Surround the cone with a couple of rows of oranges slices overlapping. You will want the oranges to be visible once the second layer is applied.

Add dried oranges and gathered twigs for diy topiaries.

Add second row

Following the instructions for the first row, add a second row leaving a small space at the top of the cone.

Step by Step Tutorial to make DIY Topiaries for Christmas Decorations.

Attach Orange & Pinecone Topper

Finally, attach another row of orange slices to cover the top of the cone. Allow oranges to cover the top of the twigs and scrap fabric layer.

White Chalk paint on foraged twigs and dried oranges for eco-friendly Christmas Topiaries

Then using hot glue, attach the pinecones to the top of the cone.

DIY Topiaries with foraged pinecones and DIY flocking technique.

I used one slightly larger pinecone and then surrounded it with smaller pieces.

Foraged pinecones and dried oranges for sustainable DIY Christmas Topiaries.

If you see any gaps or areas that need additional twigs or orange slices, you can add more until you are pleased with the Christmas Topiaries.

Budget-friendly DIY Christmas Farmhouse Decorations made with foraged, sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Place the DIY Christmas Topiaries on a base of your choice. Depending on your intended use, you can attach it with hot glue or double-stick tape.

I have these thrifted pillar candle sticks that work well with the topiaries.

Budget-friendly DIY Christmas Decorations made with foraged, sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Christmas Table Centerpiece

The topiaries were inspired by the Paperwhite arrangement for the dining table.

How to make budget-friendly & sustainable DIY Christmas Topiaries for Farmhouse Style Table Centerpiece

Combining the two topiaries with the floral arrangement make a stunning Christmas Table Centerpiece.

How to make Foraged DIY Christmas Topiaries for Farmhouse Style Table Centerpiece with paperwhite floral centerpiece

They also work well with this year’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly Christmas decorating goal.

You can see how the centerpiece looks on my Christmas Breakfast table for this months Supper Club on Thursday.

Rustic DIY Topiaries for Christmas Table Centerpiece and farmhouse mantel decorations for Holidays.

The paperwhite arrangement is made with these faux bulbs, and dried oranges are added to the moss base.

Sophie “Silent Night” paint prints are available on my online store.

How to make Foraged DIY Christmas Topiaries for Farmhouse Style Table Centerpiece

I hope you enjoyed seeing this tutorial.

See Video Tutorial

Click Image For Details

Yield: 2 Topiaries

How To Make Foraged DIY Christmas Topiaries

How To Make Foraged DIY Christmas Topiaries

Foraged and Sustainable, Eco-friendly Christmas Topiaries

Prep Time 40 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • Two Styrofoam Cones
  • Gathered Twigs
  • Dried Orange Slices
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Gathered Pinecone with faux snow
  • Pillar Candle Sticks for Base
  • White Chalk Paint


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral U Picks
  • Paint Brush


  1. Dry Orange Slices
  2. Cut Twigs to length to cover the cone twice
  3. Cut scrap Fabric wide enough to wrap around the cone at 2 levels 3 times.
  4. Cut strips into the fabric leaving approx. 1/4 inch at the top of the fabric.
  5. Wrap two rounds of fabric and attach to the cone with floral picks
  6. Hot glue a row of twigs to the third row of fabric
  7. Attach to cone with floral picks.
  8. Fill any gaps by attaching twigs with hot glue.
  9. Paint the twigs with white chalk paint
  10. Add a row of orange slices (using hot glue) just below the top of the first row of twigs.
  11. Add second-row repeating first-row instructions leaving a small section at the top of the cone.
  12. Attach another row of oranges at the top of the cone.
  13. Top with pinecones.
  14. Add to a pillar candle stick. Attach with hot glue if you want to secure.


Painting the twigs is optional.

Did you make this project?

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Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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How to make Foraged DIY Christmas Topiaries for Farmhouse Style Table Centerpiece
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Stacy Ling

Wednesday 8th of November 2023

So whimsical! I love this project!


Saturday 11th of November 2023

Stacy, It was a fun one.


Tuesday 7th of November 2023

I love these, Rachel! So festive!


Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Kim I'm glad you like them. They are so fun to make.

AnnMarie | Simply2Moms

Monday 6th of November 2023

These are so adorable, I love how they came out! You are seriously so creative, friend!!


Monday 6th of November 2023

AnnMarie, I really appreciate this.

Jennifer Howard

Sunday 5th of November 2023

These are adorable! I don't know if I remember them from last Christmas??!! Love!!


Monday 6th of November 2023

Jennifer, I'm so glad you like them.


Saturday 26th of November 2022

I have spent a couple of hours on your wonderful blog. LOVE all your fun ideas. I want to make one of your twig trees. They are so clever! Thank you for wonderful ideas!!! ♥


Monday 28th of November 2022

Frani, I really appreciate your sweet compliments. So glad you are enjoying the blog.

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