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DIY Summer Pinecone Wreaths: 3 Easy Unique Ideas

Are you ready for some unique summertime wreath ideas? Learn how to make budget-friendly pinecone flowers that will allow you to use your rustic pinecone wreath all summer long. This summer wreath is made from recycled wreaths and designed with three easy, unique pinecone ideas.

Whether you are looking for an early summer flower wreath, a patriotic wreath, or a late summer wreath, we’ve got you covered. The best part is you can use the same wreath frame all summer. The pinecone flowers are designed for easy removal and replacement. I’ll show you how to make three styles of pinecone flowers, and you can quickly switch out the flower styles to create an updated summer wreath.

Purple cornflower made with gumball and pinecone scales for summertime wreath ideas.

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How To Prepare Pinecones For Summer Wreaths

First, you will need to gather pinecones to make these summertime wreath ideas. I decided to use smaller pinecones for this project. Once you have your pinecones, I recommend that you either put them in the freezer for a few days or treat them with insect repellent.

Next, you will need to cut the pinecones. We used large pruning loppers because they fit around the pinecones more easily. Smaller pruning shears are helpful for trimming the scales and shaping the flowers.

We cut the pinecone into three pieces and then trimmed and shaped them with the small pruning shears.

The number of pinecones needed will vary depending on which of the summer wreath options you choose to make and whether you are making one or two wreaths.

I needed enough for two wreaths to add to my door shutters on the front porch, so I used approximately 14 pinecones to make 40 flowers. When cutting the pinecone, you will have several scales that are broken from the pinecones. You will want to save broken scales to create the coneflower wreath.

Cut pinecones into 3 pieces.

How To Add Stems For Pinecone Flowers

Next, let’s add stems to the pinecones. I used bamboo skewers and a hot glue gun to add the stems.

First, cut the bamboo skewers in half.

Cut pinecones and hot glue gun to add bamboo skewers to create flower for pinecone wreath

Then, turn the pinecone upside down and add a drop of hot glue to the center. Use the pointed end of the bamboo skew and push it into the pinecone. Hold in place until the glue sets.

You can use the other end of the skewer if you have a piece that has a larger hole. I also trimmed a few of the other pieces to make the end pointed allowing it to be inserted into the pinecones.

Now, you are ready to paint your pinecones to create stunning summertime wreath ideas.

Insider Tip

If you plan to make a permanent wreath, you may not need to add stems. The pinecone flowers can be attached directly to the wreath with hot glue. However, the idea for this summer wreath allowes for the flowers to be switched around. You can change to different flower choices by pulling at the stems and replacing them for a fresh new look.

How To Paint Pinecone Flowers

Now you are ready to paint your pinecone flowers. For this step, I used inexpensive craft paint. I recommend using a small paintbrush to allow for painting in between the pinecone scales. You can also use spray paint if you prefer. However, it’s hard to get a good coverage between the scales.

Red, White, and Blue Pinecone Flowers

I wanted to include a patriotic version of the pinecone wreath. For this summer wreath, I used eleven pinecones and painted them with red, white, and blue craft paint. Depending on your preference, you can paint the flower centers either white or yellow.

Paint both the front and back of the pinecone scales . I only painted one coat because I wanted a rustic appearance. However, if you prefer a more even coverage, you should apply two coats.

I first painted the white pinecones with spray paint, but they required a touch-up with a brush. This did speed up the painting process.

Insider Tip

To spread up the painting process, you can begin with spray paint and then touch it up with craft paint and a small paintbrush. I did use spray paint for the white pinecone flowers for the Patriotic Pinecone Wreath but had to add more craft paint to get between the scales.

How To Paint Zinnia Flower Pinecones

To paint the pinecones to look like zinnias, I used a variety of pastel craft paints with a contrasting color for the centers.

Just look for the colors you see in a variety mix of zinnia seeds to determine your color choices.

I painted nine small pinecone flowers with a variety of colors for each of my summer wreaths.

Paint pinecones with pastel colors to make a zinnia inspired summertime wreath idea.

How To Make A Purple Coneflower With Pinecones

Finally, for my third summertime wreath idea, I made purple coneflowers from foraged pinecones and gumballs. This wreath idea is a little more tedious to make, but it might be my favorite wreath. Shhh…

First, you need to save the scales that have broken off the pinecones. I saved several and painted them purple and green. I used the green ones for leaves and the purple ones for the coneflowers.

Begin by attaching a gumball to a bamboo skewer with hot glue.

Use hot glue to make gumball and pinecone cornflowers.

Next, add hot glue to the gumball around the lower half. Add a purple pinecone scale to the glue and hold until it sets.

Add painted pinecone scales to gumball with hot glue to make summer wreath

Continue around the gumball until the scales meet. If you choose, you can add the green scales to the skewer for leaves and embellish the flower.

I had some gold bees from a previous project and decided to add one to a couple of the flowers.

make a purple cornflower with gumball and foraged pinecone scales with a decorative gold bee to enhance.

Now, you are ready to prepare the wreaths to add the pinecones.

How To Prepare The Summer Wreaths

First, I am using two recycled wreaths. Mine are straw wreaths with moss. There are patches of old hot glue, and the moss has faded. I had also previously added decorative bees to the wreaths but decided to leave them for this update.

If you are working with new wreaths or a different style of wreath, you may skip the refresh section.

I began by cutting a small recycled Styrofoam ball in half. I then hot-glued the flat side of the ball to the inside of the wreath.

Refresh the Wreath and Cover Styrofoam

Next, use reindeer moss to cover the styrofoam ball and refresh the wreath.

Be sure to wear finger protection to avoid burning your fingers, and add hot glue to the areas you wish to cover with moss. I used the hot glue and moss to touch up and cover areas on the recycled wreaths.

Now, you are ready to assemble your Summer wreaths.

Zinnia Pinecone Wreath

To assemble the zinnia pinecone wreath, begin at the back of the moss-covered styrofoam and push the skewers in firmly. Allow the pinecone flowers at the back to be taller and fill in the shorter pieces at the front of the arrangement.

Adding DIY Zinnia Painted pinecone flowers to moss wreath for Summertime Wreath Ideas.

Insider Tip

I recommend cutting the bamboo skewers as you assemble the summer wreath. You will need some longer stems and some shorter ones. If you cut them all the same length, your arrangement will not be as stylish.

Summertime Wreath Ideas with pinecones that look like zinnias on a moss wreath.

Purple Coneflower Summer Wreath

Next is the purple coneflower summertime wreath idea. For this version, I decided to use a smaller number of flowers for a wispy summer wreath design. A moss green bow helps to balance the wreath.

Purple cornflower summertime wreath idea made with foraged pinecone scales and gumballs on front porch.

Surprisingly, the gumball centers look like real coneflower centers. The gold bees add a touch of whimsy. I also hot-glued more of the green pinecone scales to the wreath.

Purple cornflower summer wreath made with foraged pinecone scales and gumballs on front porch. Summertime wreath ideas.

I love the two different looks for summertime wreaths, but now, let’s change it up to a patriotic wreath.

Patriotic Summertime Wreath Ideas

It’s so easy to remove the zinnia or coneflower pinecones. Just pull the stems out and set them aside. Now, you are ready for a patriotic summertime wreath idea. Add the red, white, and blue flowers to create a patriotic wreath.

Once again, begin with the longer stems at the back and fill in with shorter pieces at the front. Mix the colors for a festive patriotic design.

Patriotic Summer time Wreath idea with a moss frame with red, white and blue painted pinecone flowers and red ribbon.

A simple red bow is the finishing touch for the perfect 4th of July wreath for the front porch.

Patriotic  summertime Wreath ideas with a moss frame with red, white and blue painted pinecone flowers and red ribbon.

Added Bonus: Add Pinecone Flowers To Vases

As an added bonus, when you switch out your pinecone flower stems, you can add them to vases to decorate another area of your home.

Just add a vase or two with the cute stems to your countertops, shelves, or mantel.

Add purple coneflowers made of gumballs and pinecone scales to bud vases to decorate countertops.

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3 DIY Summer Wreaths Made With Pinecones for a summertime wreath idea.


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