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Dirt Road Adventures: Welcome To 2024

Happy Sunday, and welcome to Dirt Road Adventures – Welcome to 2024! Each Sunday, we review all the exciting events behind the scenes, on the website, and the sources of inspiration I discovered online during the past week. This weekly recap ensures you don’t miss any of our adventures.

Can you believe we are almost a week into 2024? I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the new year and that you have had a wonderful first 6 days of 2024.

We had a low-key New Year’s Eve celebration with friends at the beach. We were missing a few for various reasons, but with an abundance of fun games and good food, we had a great evening. Plus, we all made it to midnight to ring in the new year. Yeah! But, once the fireworks started, Rudy was ready to head back to our cottage and hide in the bathroom. LOL

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Adventures at the End of the Dirt Road

This is a look back at all my adventures this past week.

We returned from celebrating the new year on Tuesday, and I have to say that getting back to a normal routine is difficult. I felt like I was behind, and the year had just begun.

Instead of diving right in and getting super busy, we took it slow and did more planning than actual work.

I took a moment to look back at last year. What worked and what didn’t? I tried to anticipate what you might like to see in 2024. I hope if you have ideas or suggestions, that you will share them with me.

I promise that the new year will be filled with as many budget-minded decorating and DIY projects as possible. It’s what I do and who I am. If you love trash-to-treasure decorating, you are in the right place, and I hope you will continue to follow along.

In addition, we did get these items checked off our to-do list.

  • Christmas is almost 100% put away.
  • The house looks bare, but it’s clean.
  • The front porch got a simple winter planter update.
  • We stepped up our morning walks and started eating better. No sugar, no carbs, and lots of veggies.
  • We celebrated Brad’s birthday on Friday night.

We look forward to sharing some of our new ideas with you in the coming weeks.

I hope you are taking time for yourself and slowly discovering what you want to accomplish in 2024.

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Adventures Off The Dirt Road

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Each week, there are so many wonderful blog posts, and I’m sharing some of my favorites with you today.

There are so many creative ideas, and I’m always asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that”? LOL

KariAnne shared her brother’s clever gift: A Christmas Tree that is more than it appears.

My friend Stacy’s new book is going to be available any day now, and I can’t wait to get my copy. I’ll keep you informed. However, she shared these Easy Care Tips for Houseplants that you can read now.

Jennifer shared these great tips on decorating a bookcase that doesn’t look cluttered.

Since we are eating a healthy-minded diet, I can’t wait to try Missy’s Healthy Vegetable Soup recipe.

Although I can’t have any sugar right now, Jen’s Decadent Mini Brownie Trifles with Whipped Cream and Strawberries is the first recipe on my list when I have a cheat day.

My friend Cindy summed up my thoughts perfectly when she shared about decorating with what you love instead of worrying about the latest trends.

What’s In My Cart

Stay tuned for new and exciting ideas each week.

Thank you so much for showing up today. I look forward to many more adventures with you!


Wednesday 10th of January 2024

Love that you gave yourself exactly what you needed before diving head first into the new year, Rachel. After being at the cabin for so long it was TOUGH to get back into the swing of things for us too. While I still have some things I want to work on I finally feel like we are finding our way again. Sending you tons of hugs for a happy and healthy new year. I can't wait to follow along on all your fabulous adventures! Big hugs, CoCo


Wednesday 10th of January 2024

CoCo, Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate all your encouragement.


Monday 8th of January 2024

Happy New Year, Rachel! It looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating with your friends. I'm feeling behind too and you are ahead of me! We spent most of the holiday break on the road, so I still have quite a bit of Christmas decor to pack up and put away.

Thank you for sharing my brownie trifle recipe. I appreciate it!


Tuesday 9th of January 2024

Jen, Enjoy your down time. Here's to a wonderful new year.

Jennifer Howard

Monday 8th of January 2024

Happy New Year!! I actually made it until midnight this year!! It's been nice taking it slow and I agree I feel like a turtle trying to get back in the swing of things!! Thanks for sharing my bookcase styling this week.


Tuesday 9th of January 2024

Jennifer, you are very welcome. Let's have a wonderful new year.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Sunday 7th of January 2024

I'm so happy to hear you took some time to get away. It's such a great way to bring in the new year. I look forward to all of your amazing DIY and decor ideas for 2024 Rachel!


Monday 8th of January 2024

Kim, I appreciate this


Sunday 7th of January 2024

I was so surprised to see you added my trend post. THANK YOU! Sounds like you had a fun NYE. We did the same and loved playing games. I never tire of it. Even when everyone else is ready for bed, I'm energized and ready for another game. Poor little Rudy. We always check on the animals. The first year we got our Mustang and burro, we thought they'd be terrified and running all over the pasture. They were actually watching them! So fun. Looking forward to seeing all you do this year. You are amazing!


Monday 8th of January 2024

Cindy, Thank you so much. I look forward to the new year also.