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11 Five-Minute Cheap Autumn Decor Ideas For Fall Kitchen Decorating

Looking for quick and cheap decorating ideas to add a touch of Autumn Decor to your kitchen? These 11 five-minute cheap Fall decor ideas are perfect for anyone on a budget. With a combination of organic materials and pulling from curated collections, you can transition your kitchen and dining area with little to no cost.

When planning your Fall decor, look to nature first. Look for cheap decor ideas from nature’s bounty of Autumn blooms, wildflowers, grasses, pinecones, and fruits.

You will love these five-minute solutions to transition your kitchen and dining areas from summer to fall.

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Today’s post is part of the Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tours hosted by Kelly at The Tattered Pew.

I’m sharing ideas for the kitchen and dining areas; however, you will find Fall decorating ideas for your entire home from 25+ Talented Bloggers.

If you are joining me from Kim at Shiplap and Shells, welcome! I know you loved her coastal home decorated for Fall.

If you are new to my blog, I’m glad you stopped by. I love sharing my passion for creative, budget-friendly, curated vintage decorating style, sustainable DIY and craft projects, thrifting, and entertaining adventures. If you like budget-friendly decorating ideas that look high-end, you’ll love today’s tips and ideas.

Cheap Autumn Decor Ideas

Let’s explore the 11 five-minute budget-friendly ways to transition your kitchen and dining areas without breaking the bank.

These quick and simple ideas will give your kitchen a warm, cozy fall ambiance.

Farmhouse Kitchen with DIY Island and vintage light fixtures decorated with cheap fall decor ideas.

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Add Fall Colors

The most obvious way to transition into Autumn decor is with color.

Shades of white are timeless and create a seamless flow within any space in your home. A neutral color pallet provides a simple background, allowing seasonal color changes.

Enthusing your kitchen with warm colors reminiscent of falling leaves will instantly create a warm and cozy feel.

You can begin by pulling out your home decor items in warm fall colors.

Vintage Bottles For Cheap Fall Decor

A quick way to add warm color is to group old vintage amber bottles and blue mason jars.

Collecting old bottles is a cheap and easy way to create stunning vignettes that will wow your guests. You can see more about decorating with vintage bottles on 10 Cheap Decorating Ideas with Thrifted Bottles and Jars.

The color of amber bottles is perfect for fall decorating and is a cheap fall decor option.

For an inexpensive fall table centerpiece, Amber bottles are gathered on a vintage cheese board. The bottles are filled with foraged persimmon stems.

You can use amber bottles throughout your home to add a warm, cozy glow. More ideas are available on 15 Rustic Fall Decor Ideas with Amber Bottles.

Vintage and antique amber bottles for a country chic rustic farmhouse table centerpiece with foraged persimmons.

Fall Dishes

Display Fall-inspired dishes such as brown, yellow, and red transferware plates and rustic blue earthenware pottery dishes to help infuse the dining area with warm fall colors.

Autumn Decor included vintage fall dishes and DIY Wall Plate Rack with breadboards, copper and a magnolia wreath.

Trending colors for fall include amber, gold, red, brown, and blue. These colors can be easily added to the kitchen with table linens, towels, colored blue mason jars, and the previously mentioned amber bottles and fall dishes.

Forage For Cheap Fall Decor

My favorite thing about Autumn is all the free organic materials you can forage for cheap decorating.

I quickly foraged several persimmon stems to fill the amber bottles and scattered them around the dining table for free decor.

Toss those summer flowers because there’s an abundance of wild golden rod in the fields this time of year. I quickly make a rustic fall arrangement by filling a vintage crock with wildflowers.

You don’t have to be an expert at flower arranging to achieve an organic and simple wildflower arrangement.

DIY magnolia wreath with wildflowers in a vintage crock and Amber bottles filled with foraged persimmons.

Can you believe the magnolia wreath is one I made for Christmas? The crisp, waxy leaves have dried to a silvery warm tone, and the soft colors blend with all the kitchen fall decor ideas.

You can see the original DIY tutorial and what the wreath looked like when freshly made on The Secret To Making A Fresh Magnolia Wreath.

DIY magnolia wreath with wildflowers in a vintage crock and Amber bottles filled with foraged persimmons on old cheese board.

Insider Tip

The magnolia wreath has been moved all around the house since last Christmas.

When planning your budget kitchen decorating ideas, I recommend looking around your home for items that can be moved to a new location.

Moving decor from place to place gives tired old items new life. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to buying something new.

The magnolia wreath feels brand new in it’s new location.

In addition, foraged pinecones fill bowls around the kitchen for another rustic free fall decor choice.

Foraged pinecones in wooden bowl with candles on kitchen island for Cheap fall decor and Autumn Decor.

Insider Tip

When foraging for free fall decorating items, be sure to take precautions.

First, when traveling into the woods or fields, be sure to protect yourself with bug repellent.

It’s no fun to come home with insect bites.

In addition, before bringing your treasures indoors, treat them with insect killers.

For smaller items, such as pinecones and sweet gum balls, you can place them in plastic bags and freeze to rid them of bugs.

Candles For Cozy Autumn Decor

To instantly create a warm, cozy kitchen, sprinkle the area with flickering candles. Both real and battery-operated candles will equally add a cozy mood.

Surround candles with cheap Autumn decor, such as foraged pinecones or sweet gum balls. Gather them in a thrifted wooden bowl, tray, or riser for quick and easy decorating.

Foraged pinecones in wooden bowl with candles on the kitchen island for Cheap fall decor and Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Insider Tip

When mixing candles with dried and foraged materials such as wildflowers, pinecones, and twigs, it’s best to use battery-operated candles to prevent accidental fires.

A real candle can melt fast, and many dried materials will catch fire in a heart beat.

The good news is that there are many authentic-looking flicker candles in pillar and taper styles.

You can see these pillar styles and these taper candles by clicking. Both have remote controls for ease of use.

Woven tray with apples and foraged nuts with flicker candles.  Vintage breadboards stacked behind on brick wall.

Woven Textures

When decorating a neutral room, you should look for ways to add texture to the space. You can quickly add textured interest with woven baskets, table linens, throw blankets, and towels.

Textured accessories are critical when decorating a farmhouse, cottage, or country chic style home.

Vintage Baskets for Cheap Autumn Decor

The aged patina of vintage baskets will instantly add warmth and texture to any room. Baskets are always on my list when out thrifting for treasures. If you visit thrift stores, you can easily purchase second-hand baskets without breaking the bank.

Place woven baskets on shelves, tables, or the floor to add visual interest and texture to your space. You can use them to store blankets, pillows, or other items or simply to display decorative objects.

Honey Pine hutch with ironstone and vintage copper on wall plate rack in Farmhouse Kitchen

Fall Decorating with Flowers – Cheap Autumn Decor

Autumn is the perfect time to add warm colors with flowers. You can find foraged wildflowers along roadsides, in fields, and in pastures for free.

In addition, many flowers are still blooming in the gardens, and you may have already dried flowers for year-round use.

You can easily and quickly create stunning arrangements without spending any money.

Fresh Flowers: How Does Your Garden Grow

A favorite way to decorate for any season is to see what’s growing in the garden, landscape, or wild fields.

Why spend money on flower arrangements if you don’t have to? Am I right?

If it’s growing outside, then it’s excellent seasonal decor when brought indoors.

Therefore, an ironstone vase filled with fresh hydrangea blooms adds a free floral touch to the kitchen island centerpiece.

They complement the wildflowers and persimmon stems foraged from the fields perfectly for another cheap autumn decor idea.

DIY KItchen Island centerpiece for budget kitchen decorating ideas with ironstone vase and hydrangeas.

Dried Flowers

Another inexpensive and cheap Autumn decor idea is using dried flowers. You may have already dried some of your flowers from the summer. If so, fill baskets, crocks, bowls, and more with dried flowers to decorate your kitchen.

The dried hydrangeas add organic decor style and texture to the country farmhouse kitchen cupboard top.

I love using vintage crocks and baskets for flower arrangements. You can see a similar ironstone crock when you visit my Amazon Storefront.

Dried flowers in vintage crock and thrift store basket on top of pine hutch for country chic farmhouse decor.

Woods & Whites

Combining the neutral whites with warm wood tones keeps your space from feeling sterile and cold and is an excellent solution for cheap Autumn decorating.

Budget kitchen decorating ideas include the addition of wooden bowls, cutting boards, breadboards, and other wooden kitchen tools.

Concrete countertops with basket tray and fruit for Cheap FAll Decor .
Shop This Image: Click Here for Similar Items

You’ll notice that almost every kitchen vignette’s foundation is made of wood or layered with wooden objects.

You can quickly slide breadboards behind and underneath your fall vignettes to add country charm to your kitchen tables and countertops.

open shelving with Inexpensive fall decor from thrift stores and vintage shops for Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Display Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the Kitchen for Fall

Fall is harvest time, and adding fruits and vegetables to your countertops is a natural, budget-friendly way to decorate your kitchen for fall.

Instead of storing it in your pantry or refrigerator, let your fall produce do double duty as decor.

Insider Tip

Some produce, such as beets, grapes, apples, pears, oranges, and figs, will stay fresh for days without refrigeration. Whereas some items will only stay fresh for a day or so. But they can still be utilized for a limited time, such as during a dinner party for example.

Display produce in wooden bowls, ironstone, vintage bowls, and cake stands to add color and texture to your kitchen countertops.

A bowl of brussel sprouts enhances the fall vignette of wildflowers, vintage mason jars, and a DIY Pinecone Sunflower. If you missed the Sunflower Wreath Tutorial, you can still check it out.

Brussel Sprouts in wooden bowl with blue mason jar and pinecone sunflower for Cheap Autumn Decor

Warm Metals for Kitchen Decor

Don’t overlook the importance of warm metals when planning your fall decor. You can find many budget kitchen decorating ideas and options for using vintage metals.

Vintage Copper

Decorating with vintage copper pots adds an old-world rustic feel to any kitchen.

I’ve been collecting copper for years and found several budget-friendly pieces while thrifting.

Brad recently built the DIY copper pot hanger to allow the collection to be displayed prominently.

Finding a large collection of vintage spice jars with copper lids prompted the addition of a DIY copper spice rack behind the stovetop.

The rack is made of copper plumbing tubing and was easy to make after we got our measurements together. You can see the full tutorial here.

If you have any copper pieces, look for ways to display them in your kitchen. All eyes will be drawn to their warm glow, creating cheap autumn decor by avoiding purchasing new items.

Vintage Brass

Another favorite collectible is vintage brass. I recently found these vintage tongs that are solid brass and add so much warmth to the centerpiece.

I rarely pass over a brass candlestick, and you can still find cheap options in thrift stores. I have an extensive collection and like to mix and match the styles and patinas.

Mixing shiny brass with a tarnished piece adds visual interest to the vignette. Pop in some taped candles or use them as risers for decor. A fun way to use candlesticks is to sit a small pumpkin or gourd on top for fall decorating.

DIY Kitchen Island Centerpiece with fresh hydrangea blooms and grapes as centerpiece for cheap fall decor.

Thrifted Art and Collectibles for Cheap Autumn Decor

If you read 11 Best Trending Home Decor Ideas To Thrift For This Fall, you may remember that thrifted cottage-core art and collectibles are very on-trend.

Cottage Core Handcrafted Art

Picking up inexpensive handcrafted art such as this small cross stitch piece adds a touch of cottage core to any style home.

Look for framed needlework and hand-painted folk-art pieces to enhance any room in your home. Many of these art treasures are inexpensive in thrift stores and perfect for adding cheap autumn decor.

This professionally framed and matted cross-stitch piece was only $4.00.

woven basket with apples and candles in front of bread boards below the open shelving.

Gather Your Collections For Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Finally, this budget kitchen decorating idea can be accomplished in minutes. If you want your collected thrift store finds to really shine, gather them together.

Even if you only have three pieces grouped, they will provide more visual interest within a room. It only takes a minute to gather a collection of vintage copper pots or add an ironstone pitcher collection to the window sill.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorated for Fall with Budget Friendly options that take 5 minutes to decorate.

The open shelving holds three ironstone tureens and a vintage toolbox with old rolling pins for budget kitchen decorating.

Gathering your collections only takes a few minutes, but the results will be stunning.

Decorate Open shelving with cottage core art and collections of ironstone for Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these 11 Five-minute cheap Autumn Decor ideas to help you transition from summer to fall decorating.


Although many of my kitchen decor items are thrift stores and vintage finds, I have gathered similar items that you can shop from my Amazon Storefront and LTK – ETSY Shop. Just click the links below to shop.

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