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Outdoor Furniture can be expensive to replace, so instead of purchasing new, we decided to make over instead.  Here is our How to Refurbish Outdoor Furniture on Budget step-by-step tutorial.

Should We Buy New? 

To have the chairs professionally recovered, we could almost buy a new set.  However, the ones we have match the bar and it is in great condition. 




Carefully measure across the seat bottom.  The distance varies from front to back, so be sure to measure where each board will be placed.

Using treated lumber, begin to cut the boards to the length of your measurements. To get a clean cut on each board, use a miter saw. 

Table Saw

It may also be necessary to split some boards with a table saw since the seat bottom isn't flat.  

Cordless Drill

Begin by placing the board on the stool and drill a pilot hole with a cordless drill in the treated board and through the aluminum frame of your chair.

Attach by adding the bolt through the wood and the frame of the chair. Next, secure the bolt with a washer and nut underneath the chair frame.

Attach all the treated boards as above until the seat bottom is covered.  If necessary, you can sand any sharp edges.

We are leaving ours natural to age, like the Adirondack chairs around the pool and pier.

Cost: Less than $50.00 - Click to see more detailed instructions.

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