By Rachel  The Ponds Farmhouse

How to Make DIY Tropical Napkin Rings

How To Use a Grass Skirt To make Cheap Napkin Rings

Would you like to add a touch of the tropics to your summer tables?  Summer starts tomorrow, and what better time to learn how to make tropical napkin ring dupes for cheap?

Gather supplies! 

Raffia or Grass Skirt Wooden Napkin Rings Hot Glue

Begin to wrap the raffia around fingers to create a pom pom.  

Tie jute twine around raffia.

Cut the ends of the raffia loop to form a pom pom

Fluff raffia to make pom pom.

Add Hot glue to thrift store napkin rings


Fluff and trim to make DIY Tropical Napkin Rings Dupe

See more details to make Napkin Ring Dupe

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