DIY Gardening Craft Apron with Tea Towel

By Rachel  The Ponds Farmhouse

How to Make

Gather supplies! 

You will need a tea towel, some scrap fabric, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, and a measuring tape.

 Cut the tea towel in half.


First, determine how long you want your apron and fold the excess tea towel fabric.  I decided 13" would be a good length

Then pin the folded fabric in place so that it doesn't slip.  The folded edge will be the top of your gardening/craft apron.

Then place the pocket on the center of the apron and stitch to the tea towel leaving the top edge open.

Add Apron Pocket

Make Apron Ties fold together the ends of each tie with right sides touching

.Stitch the ends together and turn the right side out.  Then fold under the raw edges along the length of the tie and stitch them together.


Make a 2" pleat at the top edge of the tea towel and place the end of the ties in the middle.

Finally, stitch together along the side and top edge to secure the ties.

A cute and budget-friendly garden & craft apron

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