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Smoked Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

Are you a bourbon fan? Wait until you try this Smoked Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail. Bourbon and whiskey bars are very on-trend and very expensive. I thought you’d like to learn how to make this famous bourbon cocktail at home for a fraction of the cost.

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Bourbon Vs. Whiskey, Which Is Better?

Did you know that all Bourbon is whiskey? However, there is a distinction. Although there are many whiskeys, Bourbon is unique in that it is an American-made whiskey.

Bourbon is distilled with over 50% corn mash, while whiskey is predominantly from fermented grains. In addition, Bourbon, must be aged in new charred Oak barrels

You can learn more about the strict guidelines governing alcoholic spirits at the Department of the Treasury Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau.

Premium Bourbon is great with smoker torch.

How To Drink Bourbon

There are many ways to enjoy the unique taste of Bourbon and many costly options.

Whiskey bars are filled with all types of Bourbon for you to sample.

You can drink Bourbon neat (with no ice) or on the rocks (with ice). Usually, these options are for sipping.

However, you may prefer a bourbon cocktail if you’re not a straight shooter. The most popular are Old Fashioned and Manhattans.

Today, we are focusing on Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktails.

Just call me old fashioned cocktail glass filled with smoked old fashioned bourbon cocktail.

How To Make An Smoked Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

Let’s begin with the ingredients needed for an Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail.

Bourbon Cocktail Ingredients

  • Premium or Top Shelf Bourbon – It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but good quality is best. Brad likes Maker’s Mark, Bulleit, and Buffalo Trace, to name a few reasonably priced bourbons.
  • Simple syrup, maple syrup, or sugar cube
  • Bitters
  • Twist of Orange Peel
  • Cherries (optional)

Tools for Smoked Old Fashioned Cocktail

If you’d like to have your Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoked, I recommend this torch gun, and this kit with wood chips.

A smoker kit can be used to smoke any cocktail, and smoked red wine is also delicious.

How To Make A Smoked Old Fashioned

Begin by adding ingredients to an old-fashioned cocktail glass. Muddle bitters with sugar and water if you are not using simple or maple syrup.

Stir ingredients and add a twist of orange peel. You can add premium cherries now or use them as a garnish.

Next, add a large ice cube to the cocktail glass and cover it with the cocktail smoker lid.

Add wood chips in your choice of favors to the smoker lid. You only need a small amount of chips to smoke an old-fashioned cocktail.

Use the torch to ignite the wood chips until you see smoke in the cocktail glass.

Old Fashioned Cocktail with bourbon and smoke

Once the glass is filled with smoke, let it sit for approx. one minute before removing the smoker lid.

Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail with bourbon.

You can garnish with an orange twist and cherries if desired.

Just call me old fashioned cocktail glass.


Supplies to make old fashioned cocktail.

Sip and enjoy the smokey flavor this technique adds to the Old Fashioned Cocktail.

See the Recipe for full instructions.

Yield: 1 cocktail

Smoked Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

Smoked Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

Take your Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail to the next level by adding a touch of smoke.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 4 minutes


  • 2 oz. premium bourbon
  • Splash of Bitters
  • Splash of Simple Syrup or Maple Syrup
  • Splash of Water (optional unless using sugar cube)
  • Large Ice Cube
  • Twist of Orange Peel
  • Premium Cherries (optional)


  1. Add bourbon, bitters, and syrup to Old Fashioned Cocktail glass
  2. Add a twist of orange peel and stir
  3. Add the large ice cube
  4. Cover the glass with the cocktail smoker
  5. Add wood chips
  6. Use a torch and smoke until the glass is filled with smoke.
  7. Allow to sit with smoke for approx. 1 minute
  8. Remove the smoker and garnish with cherries and/or orange peel.


If using a sugar cube, add water and bitters first and muddle the cube until softened. Then add the remaining ingredients.

If preferred, you can add cherries to the mixture before smoking.

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Bourbon cocktail Recipe - Smoked Old Fashion.


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Friday 26th of May 2023

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