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How To Host A Wine Tasting Home Party

To plan and host a wine tasting home party, you don’t have to be a wine expert or sommelier. These wine tasting party ideas will help you to plan a fun and engaging party for your next supper club or dinner club party.

I’m sharing a few tips, like choosing a theme, providing the right glasses, setting the table, and choosing the right menu and wines.

What is a Wine Tasting Home Party?

Most wine tasting home parties are casual affairs, and although you may have some guests attend for the education, most are there for the social aspect of the party.

With that being said, when planning your party, you need to decide how serious you want your event to be.

My supper club parties are very casual, and my guest attends for social interaction. I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I like trying different wines. Therefore, my wine-tasting parties are not serious affairs but rather a chance to explore new and unique wines.

Please take a look at this article if you are interested in becoming a wine connoisseur or looking to learn more about wine appreciation.

Champagne flutes and strawberries for wine tasting home party ideas.

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What Wine Glasses Do You Use for a Wine Tasting Home Party?

When asked what wine glass is appropriate for the varieties available, the answer can be daunting. If you are a wine connoisseur, you most likely will have a collection of wine glasses similar to these.

Photo Credit: The Ultimate Guide To Wine Glasses

However, you don’t need a collection like this for a wine tasting in your home. In fact, there are glasses designed specifically for wine tasting.

My wine glass collection consists of basic white, red and sparkling flutes. I prefer a stem. However, I have friends who like a stemless glass, so I provide both.

Wine glasses on antler tray set for a home wine-tasting party.

Supper Club – Wine Party

Today’s Wine Tasting Party Ideas is our monthly Supper Club series theme. I decided to host a casual party with appetizers and various wines.

If you are joining us for the first time, we are a group of friends who love to entertain, and when entertaining in person wasn’t recommended, we started a virtual supper club in January 2021.

Each month we have one guest blogger joining us, and I’m so excited to have our friend, Heidi, at Eleanor Rose Home joining us for December.

If you are joining me from Eleanor Rose Home, I’m glad you stopped by. I know you loved all of Heidi’s creative ideas.

Wine wine with stemless wine glasses for Wine Tasting Party Ideas

How To Choose a Theme for a Wine Tasting?

First, there are so many options for a wine-tasting theme. Here are a few ideas.

  • Choose a country or region and serve only wines from that region.
  • Make the party about pairing with a specific food such as Cheese, Chocolate, Steak, Etc.
  • Decide to serve only one variety of wine from different wineries. Example: only serve Merlot or Pinot Grigio
  • Serve only one type of wine such as only serve Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, White Wine or Blends.
  • Have a variety of wines to try with various dishes
  • Host a wine and cheese party with a variety of wines and gourmet cheese options.
  • Bring you favorite wine to share is another fun idea. Each guest can explain why it’s their favorite during the tasting.
  • Dessert Wine Tasting

Who Provides the Wine?

Another essential detail is who provides the wine.

Depending on your budget, you may provide all the wine. However, asking each guest to bring a bottle of wine is perfectly acceptable.

You may want to select the wine list and assign each person their bottle. This will ensure that you have the variety you wish to serve.

Bringing your favorite wine is also fun, provided each person brings a different selection.

How To Set The Table For a Wine Tasting

There are several options for wine tasting parties.

You can plan a set-down meal, which will obviously require more details for the table setting.

I planned a casual party with lots of wine and small plates of appetizer foods. This will include several kinds of cheese and meat options and some chocolates for dessert.

Chocolates and fruit for Wine Tasting Party ideas

The table is set in a buffet, serve-yourself style.

Set table buffet style for a wine party with appetizers.

The plates, napkins, and forks are at one end of the table, and the different glasses are spread throughout.

Sparkling wine with champagne flutes and Christmas Tree Plates for Christmas Party

The wines are placed close to the food being paired with them.

Wine glasses and chocolate fudge, chocolate star cookies and cheese ideas for a wine tasting party

What Food To Serve?

For this casual wine-tasting supper club party, I chose to serve a variety of appetizers.

This includes a mix of cheese and fruit to pair with the white wines.

Wine & Cheese & Fruit For Wine Tasting Party ideas.

Instead of the traditional Charcuterie Board, the different cheeses are on separate wooden trays is another wine tasting party idea. The trays are elevated on the long DIY Wooden Riser in the middle of the table and can be quickly passed to each guest.

In addition, various types of meat and cheese also work well at a wine tasting.

Cheese and Fruit for Wine Tasting Home Party.

If you prefer a traditional charcuterie board, see how to make this holiday version.

Table Centerpiece For Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Because the table is set buffet style and all the food and wine need to be easily accessible, the centerpiece is pushed to the back of the table.

The centerpiece is a large pewter container filled with fresh cedar, magnolia, and nandina.

Pewter container filled with fresh greenery, cedar, magnolia leaves, and Nandina with red berries.for Farmhouse Centerpiece

The centerpiece is set on a DIY Wooden Table Riser that helps elevate the food at the center of the table.

Pewter container filled with fresh greenery, cedar, magnolia leaves, and Nandina with red berries.

The candles are well to the back of the table to prevent any accidents. In addition to the DIY Wooden Riser, a variety of cake stands and risers help to keep all the food within easy reach.

How to Host A Wine Tasting Party  - Table filled with appetizers, wine and wine glasses
Sophie – Silent Night Print

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Friday 16th of December 2022

I love your ideas Rachel! Everything looks gorgeous and yummy thank you for sharing :) Hugs- Tanya @twelveOeightblog


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Thursday 15th of December 2022

Rachel your table is just gorgeous. I love all the different layers and heights in your table display. And that fresh cut greenery arrangement is beautiful.


Saturday 17th of December 2022

AnnMarie, I really appreciate your comments.

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Your wine and cheese party set up looks so festive and fun and that arrangement is beautiful!


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I love all of your wine tasting party tips Rachel, I learned a few things!!! Your table is gorgeous, I love all of your details. That fudge looks amazing, I can't wait to read the recipe. Thank you for including me in supper club this month!


Saturday 17th of December 2022

Heidi, It was a pleasure having you along.