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Create Your Dream Home: 5 Tips For Intentional Living

Want to create the home of your dreams? I’m excited to share 5 tips to help you create your dream home with some of my favorite bloggers. We are each sharing intentional home living ideas to help you focus on making your home a soothing oasis for your family.

You will find great tips whether you are decorating an existing home, planning to build a dream home, or remodeling your current home. Regardless of the season of your life, these tips will allow you to create a home that meets your family’s needs.

When we planned our forever home, our needs were completely different from the plans we made when our daughter was still living at home.

So many decisions would have been different when we were running carpool and attending sports events. Therefore, to create an intentionally planned home, you need to consider your current season of life.

5 Creative Ideas for planning a dream home

As you read the following posts, you will gain insights into all seasons. These tips will allow you to make purposeful decisions so you can create the home of your dreams. In addition, you will learn ways to carve out family time in a hustle-and-bustle world—ways to create not only an intentional home but an intentional life.

5 Steps to Plan Your Forever Dream Home

By: The Ponds Farmhouse

After an accident and a lengthy recovery, my husband and I felt a shift in our priorities. Our daughter had just married, and we no longer felt the need for a larger home. We wanted to simplify our lives and eliminate our debt. Therefore, the process of downsizing and building our forever dream home began.

These are the 5 Steps to Plan a Forever Dream Home that my husband and I used as we planned our farmhouse. After building and living in several different homes, we finally got everything we wanted in this home. Hopefully, these tips will be useful to you or someone you know who is planning a new home or a remodel.

First and foremost, having a white farmhouse had always been a dream of mine. Since the property here at the ponds didn’t come with a house, the hunt for the perfect plan began. You will learn how we strategically designed and created our dream home.

How to Plan your forever dream home

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5 Simple Ways To Create An Intentional Home

By: Robyn’s French Nest

My friend Robyn is in a busy season of her life. Her children have their own interests, school work, church groups, friends, hobbies, and activities.  “We are very much in a season where intentionality is the only reason we can even sit down together to dinner most evenings,” says Robyn!

Intentionally planned home

Robyn shares these 5 ways she works to create an intentional home.

  • Begin with An Intentional Heart, Mind, and Body
  • Create a Cozy Environment
  • Create an Intentional Home with Purposeful Beauty
  • Furniture That Serves Your Family
  • Create Purposeful Quiet Spaces

Regardless of the season of your life, you will find so much inspiration from this post.

Decorating your home intentionally

Summer Mother-Daughter Picnic Ideas Simple & Beautiful

By: Open Doors Open Hearts

My friend Aliya is a busy young mother and felt the need to plan intentional time with her older daughters after recently adopting a baby girl.

Having a new daughter demanded so much of her time that she planned this Simple and Beautiful Mother-Daughter Picnic. “I wanted to be intentional with them and make sure that they knew that our love for them has not changed,” says Aliya.

Carving out Intentional time with family

In addition, you will learn how she allows the big girls to participate in the picnic preparations and the little details that make her girls feel special. She also shares other ways that she and her husband have established intentional time with all her children. All of these tips can be helpful with your own children or grandchildren.

Carving out Mother Daughter Time for a Picnic

An Intentional Home (The Secret To Success)

By: The Inspired Room

You are going to gain so much insight into planning an intentional home from Melissa, the author of 11 Books. Her latest, A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season, is wonderfully written and will inspire you to cultivate a lovely life in each season.

An intentional home is about discerning what matters most to you so you can let go of what doesn’t,” says Melissa

5 Creative Ideas for a Planned Home

Melissa shares this Secret to Success, which includes embracing your seasonal rhythms and the art of savoring simple joys. I know you will be uplifted by this insightful article, which will help you create an intentionally planned home.

Intentionally Planned Home

5 Creative Ways to Find Pleasure in Your Daily Life

By: She Gave It A Go

I have been following Brendt’s blog & Instagram account for several years. Her blog has been such an inspiration to me as I began my own blog. Today, she shares 5 Creative Ways to Find Pleasure in Your Daily Life, which contains so much useful and heartfelt inspiration.

Use senses to create a purposeful home

Brendt shares that she considers “each day a gift” and should be savored.

To find pleasure each day, Brendt shares her ideas, which are simply based on our five senses: smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight. I know you will love these 5 Creative Ways to Find Pleasure and tips for an intentional home.

flower arrangement for creating an intentional home.

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Create Your Dream Home 5 tips for intentional living ideas.
5 Creative Ideas for Intentional Home


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Love that you guys shared so many fabulous ideas for how to create a dream home and a home with intention no matter what season of life you find yourself in. Living with intention definitely takes extra effort but the effort is always worth it. It really does change everything! As always, loving and pinning, CoCo


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