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How to Recover a Chair Seat

Easy instructions to reupholster a chair cushion and update to a farmhouse style in minutes.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time20 mins
Total Time24 mins
Keyword: reuphoster chair seat
Cost: 10.00


  • staple gun


  • ½ yard high loft batting
  • ½ yard Fabric Of your choice
  • ¼ yard Drop Cloth Fabric


  • Detach Seat Cushion from chair by unscrewing from the bottom of the chair
  • Remove existing fabric from the seat if desired
  • Measure and cut batting, fabric and drop cloth fabric to size
  • Staple the batting to the seat by wrapping the batting around the top and stapling to the backside of seat to secure. Cut any excess off of the corners and pull tightly as you staple.
  • Cover the batting with the fabric being sure to align so that any pattern is placed correctly. Then staple the fabric to the back side of seat tucking the corners.
  • Place the drop cloth fabric over the raw edges of the fabric and batting to completely cover and fold raw edges of the drop cloth fabric under.
    Then staple the drop cloth fabric over the raw edges of the fabric for a clean finish.
  • Place the newly covered seat cushion back on the chair and re-attach with the screws.