Modern Farmhouse


Looking for ideas on how to decorate above kitchen cabinets with a modern farmhouse style?  Should you decorate above kitchen cabinets or not? 

I consider the area above my cabinets as open shelving & decorate the space for some of my valued collections

Vintage Dough Bowls

Add Vintage Charm with Wooden Bowls and Breadboards



I love to display   collectibles


First, begin to gather your collections. If you collect vintage crocks, they are an excellent choice for decorating above your cabinets.

Vintage Crocks

Vintage  Crocks 

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They can be filled with other vintage collections or left empty.

What to look for:

Handmade Baskets 

A handmade basket looks great alone or filled with greenery, flowers, fruit, etc.

Vintage Baskets

To keep the cabinet tops from feeling too heavy, I mixed the baskets with a few crocks to make the vignettes more interesting.

Antique Collectibles:

This cabinet top display includes crocks, vintage scales, and a collection of pottery pitchers.

Budget - Friendly  Vintage Amber Bottles

Here are some  Rules To Follow

t1. Use decorations that you use infrequently. 2. Add collections to your cabinet tops. 3. Decorate with vintage and antique decor.

4. Protect valuable and breakable decor by displaying it out of reach. 5. Use this space to store hard-to-store collectibles. 6. Group vignettes in uneven numbers.  Either three or five items will make the vignettes interesting.

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Decorate with Antiques in Modern Farmhouse