Modern Farmhouse


Looking for ideas on how to decorate above kitchen cabinets with a modern farmhouse style?  Should you decorate above kitchen cabinets or not? 

I consider the area above my cabinets as open shelving & decorate the space for some of my valued collections

Vintage Dough Bowls



I love to display   collectibles


Vintage Crocks

Vintage Crocks 

What to look for:

Handmade Baskets 

Vintage Baskets

To keep the cabinet tops from feeling too heavy, I mixed the baskets with a few crocks to make the vignettes more interesting.

Antique Collectibles:

Above cabinets is a great place to display collectibles

Budget - Friendly  Vintage Amber Bottles

Here are some  Rules To Follow - Read more

Rule # 5. Use this space to store hard-to-store collectibles. 6. Group vignettes in odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 instead of even numbers. READ MORE

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Decorate with Antiques in Modern Farmhouse