DIY Plant Pockets from recycled tin cans

By Rachel  The Ponds Farmhouse

How to Make

Recycle Tin Cans For Home Decor

 Remove Bottom of Tin Cans.


Squeeze the bottom of the cans to look like a pocket.

Use a large nail and hammer to punch a hole at the top creases of the tin can.  This will allow a wire to be attached for hanging.

Spray Paint the Tin Cans with your choice of paint colors

.Use a knife to cut the top and bottom off aluminum cans.  Cut jagged edges with scissors and cut the can to lay flat.  


Use a variety of flower and leaf punches to create your design.

Place flattened cans into the flower punch to cut flowers and leaves. 

Cut a variety of sizes and shapes until you feel you have a good supply.

Spray paint with a variety of colors. To keep flowers from blowing away use painters tape to hold them in place.

Gather your flowers and painted tin can pockets.

Attach aluminum flowers and leaves to the tin cans using hot glue.  

Add wire to the holes at the top to hang your flower pockets.  

Fill the DIY Plant Pots with flowers and enjoy.  

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