By Rachel  The Ponds Farmhouse

Best Tips For Choosing Outdoor Rug for Patio

Do you need help choosing a durable outdoor rug for patios, porches, decks, and front doors?

Whether you choose an outdoor rug for a patio, an outdoor rug for porches, or a front door rug, this guide will help you make the best choice. Plus, you’ll see tips to make your existing rugs last longer.

The answer depends on the durability of the rug.  Click to see what materials to look for if you plan to leave your rug outdoors unprotected.  

If rug is on concrete it's best to remove rug before rain or hang to dry after a heavy rain regardless of material. 

Learn how to choose the correct size rug for all outdoor areas.  

See what styles of rugs work best for different styles of dining table. Round tables look best with round a round rug.  

See different rug options for all your outdoor spaces.  

Learn how to rotate your rugs to make them last longer.  

See more details to choose the best rug for your spaces. 

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